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Kristin Booker • April 2, 2012

Hair Removal Week: Tips To Get Your Best Leg and Underarm Shave Ever

OK, so spring is about to spring and that means that you have to get that body hair situation under control. While winter clothing and the safety of long pants and tights can mean that shaving and waxing go by the wayside, this is a WHOLE WEEK where I will provide great tips and information to help you get rid of unwanted body hair. As in, step into the shower, the salon and remove the Bigfoot patches that might be growing on your bod.

Today’s tip is about how to get the most from your shaving routine. Besides your desired shower water temperature, you’ll only need two really great tools:

Schick Quattro for Women Razor

A great razor, like the Schick Quattro for Women Razor (about $10), which has four blades of closeness that will get rid of hair right at the skin.

Skintimate Shave Gel in the Limited-Edition Designer Studio Raspberry Rain can.

A fantastic shave gel, like Skintimate Signature Scents ($3.49 – $6.79 for a 2-pack) with their new disco-fabulous, add-some-dance-party-to-your-shower Design Studio Holographic cans. Scents you love like Raspberry Rain, Strawberry Tangerine Twist and Flirty Mango (each  still have tons of hydrating power to help soften hair for removal and will leave your skin amazingly soft right for a long time.

Tips to getting the perfect shave? Follow some advice from the boys:

1) Hair needs to be saturated with water so it’s really soft and pliable, so plan on doing all other shower activities and save shaving for last. Here’s a good trick: wash your body and your hair, then apply conditioner. By the time you’re done shaving, rinse the conditioner out and you’re done.

2) Apply shaving cream to your desired spot AGAINST the growing pattern of the hair so the shaving cream goes underneath the hair you intend to remove.

3) Use a razor to go in easy strokes against the growth of hair. If you’re shaving your armpits, shave upwards then shave at a diagonal from side to side to make sure you get everything. If you’re shaving your legs, shave toward yourself in longer strokes.

4) When shaving your legs, straighten your leg to shave your knee to avoid nicks.

5) Your pedicurist and your sandal-viewing public will thank you if you shave the digital hair from your toes.

6) Rinse clean and then run your hand along the area to catch any missed hairs. Remove them.

7) When you step out of the shower, immediately apply a great moisturizing lotion to your wet skin, then pat dry. Do not RUB the area you just shaved or you could remove all the moisture you just spent time locking in with the shave gel. Think of your body as a delicate vase, not a car.

And you’re done! The bikini line works the same way, but let me be really clear here: DO NOT TRY TO MIMIC A BRAZILIAN WAX WITH A RAZOR. That is placing a sharp object in places that sharp objects really should NEVER go.

Next up tomorrow: how to shave your legs at the gym. 🙂



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