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Kristin Booker • July 14, 2013

Home Hair Removal Week: A Review of the No-No Hair Removal Device

Can pain-free hair removal absolutely be yours? Yep, but let's discuss.

Can pain-free hair removal absolutely be yours? Yep, but let’s discuss.

Alas, I am getting older. You know, when you’re younger and you laugh at people in their 40’s and they sneer back at you, it’s because there are some bizarre things coming your way that you don’t know about. Oh, they know, but now that you’ve made them angry, they’re not going to tell you about them. Nope. They’ll wait until you’re nice and comfortable in your vanity and then the first weird hair pops up on your chin.

Not a little one, either: a giant, winding curl will suddenly appear. You’ll pluck it out, quickly…hoping no one notices. And then three more take its place four days later and suddenly you’re battling what appears to be a sparse beard on your jawline.

The curse of the elders is complete: this is The Stuff No One Tells You About Aging. You will get hair in weird places. It’s like puberty, but there’s no upside of the hair growth.

Originally I was going to get laser hair removal by but after seeing the cost of laser hair removal in Melbourne, I decided to try No-No. This week, I’m dedicating an entire seven days to the removal of body hair. I will spill and dish about every single way you can get hair off your body in the comfort of your own home. Why the comfort of your own home? Because the minute you leave your house and try to get to Casa de Hair Removal with four giant what-look-like-pubic-hairs sticking out of your jawline, you will inevitably run into Judgmental Neighbor or Perfect Co-Worker. And you can’t hide that mess, so let’s not even go there.

The good folks that rep the No-No were nice enough to send over a device for me to try and review, and I did. The results:

How it works: The device (which is kind of the size of a skinny iPod-ish thing) removes the hair with their own technology (called Thermicon), which uses heat (but not light) to remove unwanted body hair. Since lasers are attracted to darkness, that means those of us with darker skin tones can risk serious hyperpigmentation from lasers, so this is a great alternative. The kit comes with the device, a charger, buffing pads and a dvd that tells you how to use it.

Before you get started: Despite your zeal for a hairless face, your new No!No! says, “No!”, as in it has to charge for a bit. I’d plug that sucker in the night before you think you want to go hairless. You’ll just have to wait. Once it’s charged, test it on an area that you’re not completely invested in for a spot/sensitivity check. I used the hair close to the inside of my arm. It was fine. It pulses a bit and then you’ll hear a beep when you pull it up. Try this movement somewhere other than your jaw line so you’re used to it before you begin.

The process: I applied the device on the lowest setting from the back of my jawline and around my chin, then turned it up to see better results. The good news? It doesn’t hurt – at ALL. There’s no pain involved at all. The bad news? Burning hair stinks. You will smell something burning because it’s evaporating the hair right off your face. That’s all. It got most of the hair on my face, but I have a few hairs here and there that are, shall we say, resistant. My hair is coarse and thick (like, tree root thick), so it didn’t make a dent on that thicker hair. But that was all of six hairs, so I just plucked them out. The buffer pads work to pick up the finer hairs you can’t see, leaving your mug as cute and hairless as it was when you made fun of your elders.

It also works on the upper lip, but I IMPLORE YOU to keep your mouth closed and to work in short strokes up toward your nose. DO NOT touch the actual lip or your teeth with it.

It comes with a hair inhibiting cream, which you apply after using the device. That stuff, which uses the natural hair inhibitor Capislow, works like a charm. Use it regularly morning and evening accompanied with the device.

The Result: Yep, it works and there’s no pain involved. The cool thing is that the hair grows back thinner, so each time you use it, the hairs come off like a charm. I still have random coarse hairs that grow in here and there, but I’m really enjoying the hairless lower jaw thing. Looks I’ve escaped this part of the aging curse.

You can also use the device anywhere on your body (I’d really avoid a full-on Brazilian hair removal with it – I mean, it’s just not smart), but if you’re having a serious battle with unwanted hair and the majority of your hair is fine to medium in consistency, I’d give this a try.

No!No! device, $270, available via fine retailers like Bergdorf Goodman


6 Responses to Home Hair Removal Week: A Review of the No-No Hair Removal Device

  1. Angelcat47 says:

    Thanks for this review as I’ve really been wanting to try this device.

  2. Rosie says:

    I need this. Hair on the chin…you hit it. I pluck mine and after 2 -3 days, I have a polka-dotted chin. Will this work on the legs?

  3. Paula says:

    I am the” biological mom” of The no!no! from Birth, name Branding through Puberty to age and market and it’s exciting to see this article and that all the original targets have been reached and though we had planned on taking over the field and the original marketing and site were more exhilarating it is definitely one of the uniquest products I worked on and that are in the market.

  4. Debbie says:

    I got a Nono Pro, I believe it’s the Pro version, about 6 months ago….and it has been pretty darn good. You definitely have to keep at it and do the process fairly regularly, but now I have barely any unwanted body hair: and when I do, it is so thin and fine that it’s almost invisible.

    About 2 months ago my husband asked if men can use your “little pink hair remover” apparently after doing some of his own research ( – I explained that men can use the nono. And now he is hooked! He does the back of his neck and whatever other areas men tend to and he loves it and I don’t mind it either.

    Overrally good product – cheaper than multiple laser treatments at a doctors office PLUS I do it sitting at home in front of the TV.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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