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Kristin Booker • December 20, 2010

Holiday Beauty Must-Have: His and Hers Kerastase Hair Treatments

Recently, Men’s Editor Matt Frappier and I were invited to a “Date Night” party to receive our very own personalized his and hers Kérastase treatments and blow outs at the tony Antonio Prieto Salon here in NYC (coincidentally, it’s also one of the first salons in the U.S.A. to carry Kérastase)
Upon arrival at this beautiful Chelsea salon in Chelsea, owner Antonio Prieto himself greeted us and the next thing we knew we were whisked away to two different teams for our treatments.
I had the option of  having Kérastase Bain Satin level 1, 2 or 3. Level 1 is the lightest treatment and ultimately what was decided would be best for me because my hair is in “nice shape.”  This level is perfect for people with virgin hair or really healthy hair that is almost never processed or not too dry.
I have extensions from and for those of you with different types of hair extensions than my own, Level 2 is the next step up and is ideal for people who do a lot of highlighting or processing, but still have hair that’s in good shape.  Level 3 is deepest conditioning treatment and is absolutely perfect for people with really coarse, thick and/or really dry hair.
The treatment is extremely lightweight and worked into your hair section by section across your head.  It gently cleanses and nourishes your hair by providing optimal hair fiber nutrition.  The patented DOSAGE GLUCO-ACTIVE technology combines the perfect amount of proteins, lipids and glucose to restore your hair’s ideal nutritive balance.
The treatment is sheer heaven no matter what level is chosen for you. A quarter-sized amount is applied to your wet hair and scalp and (my favorite part) is massaged in thoroughly by your talented hairdresser’s palms and fingertips. Once your hair is thoroughly rinsed, you’re blown dry and left with hair so incredibly soft and shiny that you might swear it’s not really your own.
These treatments are brilliant for those of us who are really “on-the-go”  because it’s a great quick addition to your regular blowout regimen: it requires a mere addition of 10 minutes to work!
The salon suggests these treatments be scheduled as part of your hair maintenance routine every six to eight weeks at the very most (or you might get reallyotherwise your hair will get weighed down.  This treatment is a good anytime throughout the year, but really ideal for fall and winter, especially for those of us in extreme weather environments.
Matt received the same hair treatment and they used the men’s line, Capital Force, on his hair. He also had the same results and had amazing, silky, handsome locks!
Maybe book yourselves a double date with these amazing scalp treatments and products from Kerastase? It’s a great way to de-stress, look good for the holiday party circuit AND go home with amazing hair. Get yourselves mistle toe ready, folks: it’s Kerastase Double Date time!
For a salon locator of Kerastase salons near you and to book an appointment, please click here.

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    life is short. live well. thanks

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