Kristin Booker • December 21, 2009

Holiday Beauty: The Pampermint Pedicure

After racing from one end of the city to another working, events, epic levels of Christmas shopping and the holiday party circuit, my feet were freaking killing me. You know what I mean, that aching, murderous pain where you want to just take your feet off and put them somewhere. Well, my little overworked heel-loving maven, I need to tell you about the fabulous Pampermint Manicures and Pedicures at Eve Salon here in NYC.

Available through January 31st, the Pampermint Manicure ($20) and Pampermint Pedicure ($40) are fabulous winter treatments exclusive to Eve. Each service is 45 minutes of sheer bliss where your technician uses peppermint oil-infused products to revitalize tired muscle tissue, soothe your skin and calm your anxious mind. In addition to a vigorous and mind-blowing peppermint sugar scrub, you’ll receive a massage that will have you melting into the chair and a steaming hot cup of all natural hot cocoa, which comes with a shot of peppermint schnapps if you so desire.

So if you wonder what’s the cause of my shiny disposition (and my sparkling red pedicure), I’ll confess to my new personal favorite holiday treatment. An amazing gift idea or just something lovely to ease your worried mind and body, book these fabulous treatments by calling 212.807.8054.

Then cool your heels with a little peppermint lovin’ and let the pampering begin.


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