Kristin Booker • December 15, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for the Gadget-Obssesed

Ok, we’re off and running for the holidays and we’re focusing on people who are just kind of hard to buy for, especially if you know them well (people you don’t know so well? that’s why the good Lord let us invent gift cards as far as I’m concerned). This guide focuses on the gadget nut. Everyone knows one. You know, the person who camps out for the release of the newest phone, has the baddest computer on the block and scoffs at you if you don’t understand how to operate FourSquare? What to get your favorite gadget geek? Read on…

We are ALL attached to our phones and while everyone is raving about the iPhone and the Droid, have you heard of Windows Phones? Oh yeah!Windows phones have tons of features when it comes to voice and Web (Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter, browser, voice, 3G, etc) and when it comes to the fabulous fashionista in your life, uber designers like Rock & Republic and Diane Von Furstenberg designed custom themes for these phones. I’m partial to the HTC Imagio (Verizon – $199 with 2-yr contract and $100 online discount), which features a 3.6 inch touch screen and 5 mega-pixel camera with auto-focus in addition to the fabulousness I listed previously. Seriously, check it out!

What about the information junkie in your life? The one attached to Wikipedia for every little question, like “Who breathes air?” Get your information overloader a WikiReader, a gadget from famed industrial designer Thomas Meyerhoffer, that brings all of the information from Wikipedia and all of its content to anyone, anywhere on the globe without needing an internet connection. 3 simple buttons, 3 million topics, and two standard AAA batteries (included) will power the device for about one year of  normal usage. This is perfect for students or, you know, info geeks like me.

If you’ve got a camera nut on your gift list, you have to get them the genius camera that I use for FSB: the Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera ($179.95). Forget whatever handheld video camera you have: this little gadget takes up to 10 hours of HD 1080 quality video with brilliant sound as well as still photography. I recorded all of the YouTube videos from Fashion Week on this camera and it’s pure genius.

If you have an audiophile in your midst, there are three last gadgets I have to tell you about. First of all, you’ve already heard me raving about my AudioChi W-5 Headphones ($109.95) and I will never be without them again in life. Since my iPod is about to die (it’s old, people), it’s time to go ahead and upgrade to an iPod Touch ($199), which will house my music and video library as well as pitch hit as a computer if I need to check email or surf the web. But as someone who likes to crank my music up to levels that make my neighbors slightly mental, the top of my own personal gift list this year is the Geneva M Sound System ($699), which has a iPod dock, a CD slot as well as FM radio and crisp, beautiful Geneva sound. 

And if these gifts don’t work, a gift certificate to Best Buy should get you a nod and the title of “righteous one” for at least another year. 🙂


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