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Kristin Booker • December 7, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Three Charitable Gifts That Don’t Require You to Buy Something

Today’s quote of the day is from singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell:

“Keep a good heart. That’s the most important thing in life. It’s not how much money you make or what you can acquire. The art of it is to keep a good heart.”

I really wanted to start off the holiday gift guides (other than the video I did with Proctor & Gamble that aired yesterday) with five ways you can give gifts to people you may never meet but who may have even less (most likely MUCH less) than you do. Here are my picks:

charity:water celebration in Ethiopia. Image courtesy of charity:water.

charity:water is a non-profit organization that brings safe, clean drinking water to people in developing nations. Something we take for granted by simply turning on the tap is something that can cause women to have to walk for miles and entire societies to fall ill. There are tons of ways to get involved. Here’s a thought: how about charging everyone $5 to get into your holiday party this year and donate the proceeds? Check out their website for more information. is a great organization that seeks to alleviate poverty around the world. It’s really simple: you can make a loan as small as $25 to any of a vast number of borrowers around the world and it’s delivered via one of their Field Partners. Through the life of the loan, you learn about the progress the person is making with your money and what they’ve been able to do with it. The borrower then repays your loan, which becomes a credit in your account. You can then just keep reissuing that money to someone else who needs it. Talk about a heart-warming holiday gift. is another great organization that helps an entire segment of our population that is in DIRE need: teachers and the schools they teach in. DonorsChoose allows you to give much needed funds to classrooms in need – of which there are MANY. People, did you know the average teacher spends $40 of their rather challenging salary to buy items they need to teach their courses? $10 would help offset that. Put down that expensive coffee and let’s help some teachers who really need it.

I can show you all the expensive things in the world but there’s always a chance to help someone else out there. Please give what you can via any of these organizations or one close to your heart. It’s one of the real reasons for the season.



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