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Kristin Booker • December 11, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas: Target

When it comes to great holiday gifts for pretty much everyone living on the planet today, it’s pretty hard to beat the one-stop destination allure of Target. I mean, aside from the Neiman Marcus  x Target Holiday collection and plenty of stylish fashion items, the allure of those isles of amazing merchandise are irresistible in my book. These photos are from the holiday preview and I’ve been saving them to show you my absolute favorites.

Let’s discuss: these are my personal picks of items that can cause reactions ranging from squeals of delight all the way to fainting (in a good way:)

I don’t really care that they’re meant for children, you’re never too old for Cherokee Girls earmuffs ($7.99). These are cute and they’re FUN. Ok, so get them for a younger person in your life and then hijack them often if you feel badly about it. If you don’t, be shameless like me and wear them everywhere.

Spangly, fabulous clutches are amazing because they can instantly transform any look. These are gorgeous and adorable and incredibly cost effective. C’mon, who wouldn’t want another dazzling box clutch?!?

We are in the middle of Hanukkah, so don’t forget to take care of your lovely friends who celebrate the holiday. I love these cute giftables, particularly that adorable coffee mug.

These gorgeous gift boxes have amazing vanity appeal all year and they’re perfect for delivering the right gift. Slip a pair of earrings into one of them and tie the top with a pretty ribbon. Done.

Selfishly, you know that I have a soft spot for Target Electronics and Gaming, who were nice enough to sponsor me this past Fashion Week. Entirely unsolicited, I would like to urge you to check them out for all those needs this year. I know of no one on the planet that wouldn’t pass out with a pair of BEATS by Dr. Dre Monster headphones ($199.99) wrapped with a big red bow. You know, like ME.

I got my mother a flat screen television (prices may vary) last year for Christmas and it was a total Oprah moment (“YOU! You deserving woman who gave me life! Yoouuuu get a TV!”) The only reason I could pull that off is because Target had such an amazing price on the thing, I couldn’t say no. I recommend checking for cardio issues before you whip this one out. My mom actually screamed out loud. It was a great moment, I advise getting one of your own.

This Nikon D3200 18-55 VR Kit ($599.99) is the one over which I cried at this holiday preview (and the one they were nice enough to give me in our partnership.) This camera has changed the game when it comes to my site and my life in general. If you’re in the market for a new camera or know someone who is, there isn’t a camera I could recommend more highly.

Truth be told, I am a popcorn FREAK. I have a real problem and I probably eat the stuff at least 2-3 times a week at minimum. Alas, I have a studio apartment, so this wouldn’t fit in my humble abode, but if you know a fellow popcorn freak/movie fanatic with more floor space, this West Bend Theatre-Style Popcorn Maker ($79.99) is a fabulous gift that will lead to YEARS of enjoyment.

I also have a cake pop addiction. Like, for serious. I have been known to go to press events and walk ALL THE WAY AROUND the food if they’re present because otherwise you’ll find me 20 minutes later surrounded by sticks and wrappers on the floor in a sugar-induced haze. I think this Bella Cake Pop Maker ($17.99) might be the most fun thing since the Easy-Bake Over and it’s adult, fun, and perfect for entertaining.

Finally, I would highly recommend a sleep mask ($4.99) as a stocking stuffer. Urban dwellers will love it because it never appears to get dark enough in our apartments. Moms will love it for more demanding evenings, travelers will love it for in-flight sleeping. It’s an all-around win.

More gift guides to come. We haven’t even talked about Target Beauty yet! That’s next!


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