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Kristin Booker • November 13, 2013

How to Shop Isabel Marant for H&M

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A couple of weeks ago, I was honored to receive a coveted invite to the Isabel Marant for H&M VIP Shopping Event, which caused massive screaming and The Dance of Delight. For those who aren’t exactly familiar with Isabel Marant, she’s a French designer who’s slowly cultivated a following of fashion editors and models for years with her slouchy French cool styles. She’s the woman who came up with the wedge sneaker and what used to be the best-kept secret in fashion slowly leaked and exploded with that shoe. Think “model off duty” and you’ve got a good idea for Marant’s vintage-inspired, effortlessly downtown appeal.

These are the iPhone photos I was able to shoot before I was swept away into a pit of shoppers at the Isabel Marant for H&M VIP Shopping Event.

These are the iPhone photos I was able to shoot before I was swept away into a pit of shoppers at the Isabel Marant for H&M VIP Shopping Event.

So, needless to say, I tried to get there early last night, because when you put a bunch of editors in a room together with Marant’s style and H&M prices, it’s ABOUT TO GO DOWN. I rested up that day, I hydrated…I wore The Stretchy Pants. Because I had two items from the collection in my line of sight: the white jeans with the embroidered trim and the printed dress.


I had all these lofty plans to take cute photos of myself and other shoppers enjoying the collection, but it was so crazy in there I had to put the camera away because I was afraid of someone breaking the lens. Elbows and hangers and attitude was flying, so I snapped what I could on the same speed I use to shoot runway, then made my way to the dressing room. I imagine these are the survival skills I will need at the End of Days, because people were acting like the apocalypse was truly nigh.

I got the two items I was after, but after observing behavior last night – and the merchandise – here are my tips for shopping the collection in-store and online, which starts tomorrow morning at 8 am:

  • The knitwear and jackets were the first things to go. If these items are on your wish list, hydrate, get there early and make a break for it. What I saw of the sweaters and jackets in people’s bags was really, really good.
  • The denim is cute. Plain colors are better than the print. The embroidery is amazing. Go one size lower than you think you need in women’s. The men’s denim is skinny as Hell. Size up if, you know, you work out…or don’t work out.
  • The sizing on all the women’s clothing is slouchy except for the gathered skirt and the paillette-sequined leggings. They’re true to size, as is the lace top and dress.
  • The accessories are okay. The beaded belt is gorgeous, but you have to ask yourself if it’s worth $50 for a beaded belt. If you wear belts constantly, yes. If not, opt for the marled knit scarf.
  • The boots weren’t that impressive, which I know will crush many of you. I saw a lot of boots being put back. Check them out for yourself, but I didn’t see editors buying a lot of boots. The studded heels on the other hand? I have to get those. HOT. They were gone with the knitwear and jackets first thing.
  • Surprisingly, there were a lot of leather pants left over. But maybe that’s just because we’re afraid of them? But they’re really cute, so if you want to try them on, I’d recommend wearing slick tights. Trying on leather is a PROCESS.
  • The sweatshirts are cute but it’s like the scarves and belts I had my hands on: are they really worth the price? My advice is that the grey sweatshirt is, the printed ones aren’t.
Ta-da! JEANS!

Ta-da! JEANS!

But the pre-sale was fun, and I had a blast. Tweet at me if you hit the floors and find your own Marant treasures and let’s compare notes tomorrow. Hope these tips help and Happy Marant for H&M Shopping tomorrow!

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