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Kristin Booker • July 1, 2014

How She Does It: Cindy Crawford

So, in addition to getting a chance to sample the Meaningful Beauty products during the month of June, I was also invited to a new serum launch for the brand and, well, guess who just happened to be there? You guessed it: Cindy Crawford.

Now, those of you who may have followed this site for a while know that Cindy is kind of my favorite supermodel of all time. Smart, business-minded, driven – she’s kind of everything I’ve sought to emulate. So, when the question “Do you want to meet Cindy?” came to me, the answer was a resounding “Hell yes!”

A few things about this quick interview:

  • Standing in front of Cindy Crawford is kind of like staring at the sun. She’s just as pretty in person as she is in front of the camera lens.
  • She’s also incredibly polite (gotta love good Midwestern values.) That instantly puts you at ease and negates the whole staring-at-the-sun shock value. She had spotted me talking to her long-time makeup artist Sonia Kashuk earlier that evening (who I love…I LOVE SONIA KASHUK…there, I said it) and it started a great conversation.
  • I stood in line for almost an hour to meet her, and you only have about three minutes with any notable in a situation like this. This means, I had to have three questions ready to go for that moment. And so, instead of asking her questions about her hair and her beauty routine (subjects she’s covered in interviews a billion times,) I decided to ask her questions about taking chances.

And so, without further ado, this is what it’s like to take risks as a legendary supermodel. Here’s how Cindy does it:

On why you really shouldn’t take fashion so seriously….
“When you’re a little girl and you play dress up, you do it for fun and it makes you feel good, right? When you’re done, you put it back in the box and you’re done with it. You don’t have any guilt that you don’t have the same dress-up clothes as other kids. You’re not feeling bad that you don’t have the same Celine bag or whatever. It’s the same with fashion as an adult: it’s not about keeping up with the Joneses, fashion is really a tool for creating power and confidence.”

Image courtesy of Meaningful Beauty. Photo by Sara Jaye Weiss.

Image courtesy of Meaningful Beauty. Photo by Sara Jaye Weiss.

On why it’s not really about looking younger, but about loving yourself…

“I’ve actually been shifting away from talking about it. It’s actually not about “youth” per se. It’s about feeling good, having great skin and feeling confident at any age. But I think certainly doing work you’re passionate about, having a great smile, which is your best accessory. And, you know, sunglasses.”

When you feel good about what you’re doing in your life, it shows and that’s what brings true youthful energy to your life. I don’t want to tell anyone that it’s about looking “younger.” It’s about looking great! When you look good, you feel better. As superficial as that sounds, it’s absolutely the truth. When I’m having a good hair day, I walk into a meeting with more confidence. I don’t know why, but that’s just the way we are.

On what she does to relax and take care of herself….

“I live in Malibu on the beach, so I can kind of just walk out the back door and be on the beach. I love to hike with friends. I love to read. I just read The Fault In Our Stars with my daughter. I read everything. I read Gone Girl last year and loved it. I mostly read fiction by women about women.”

On why it’s important to be independent, but not inflexible….

“I came from a Midwestern background where my parents were married very young. I watched how hard that was on my mom. So much of what she went through made me determined not to repeat some of those experiences. I just knew it wasn’t for me. So, when it comes to relationships and my relationship with Rande, my husband, if I’m too “I can do this” and “I don’t need you,” it doesn’t make him feel good. There’s a line to be walked where sometimes knowing I can do something doesn’t mean that I have to exert my will and do it, that sometimes it’s important to let my husband care and do things for me. It applies to plenty of areas of your life, like the business world. Sometimes, you have to let other people become part of the process. I don’t have to micromanage; I can share what I’m doing and learning with others.”



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