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Kristin Booker • March 24, 2013

It Happened: I Was In The New York Times’ T Magazine

A screenshot of today's NYTimes' T Magazine feature. Photo: Greg Kessler, image courtesy of The New York Times.

A screenshot of today’s NYTimes’ T Magazine feature. Photo: Greg Kessler, image courtesy of The New York Times.

This is a quick little note before I head out to purchase every copy of the Sunday edition of The New York Times (and if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, throw on those slipper before I take your paper.) Because today’s a little lifelong dream realized: I’m in it.

The feature allows you to take a slider and see me completely sans makeup and then with a full face of makeup. The beauty evolution was captured by world-renowned makeup artist (and one of my very good friends) Tina Turnbow and the images are courtesy of the amazing Greg Kessler. The shoot was done in a Flatiron white box studio in about 90 minutes. I’m wearing my own clothes and it was incredibly stripped down.

When Tina approached me about doing the feature, I jumped at the chance. Because, let’s be honest: how many real people would like to be photographed without their makeup on? But when the approach for a feature that usually features women who have perfectly symmetrical bone structure asks someone with a normal head-neck-torse combination to show their naked face in front of the world and that person is you, you just kind of have to say yes. It’s a chance to show a real side of yourself, to grow a set and let people really see who you really are.

I was absolutely terrified of the photo with no makeup on, in all honesty. That’s a terrifying thing to be out there with no armor on. But it turns out that it’s my favorite photo, the one of me with nothing to hide. What you see is what you get. I’m really, really happy that photo is out there. It’s incredibly raw, honest and very real.

It’s my sincere hope that beyond all the talk about adornment, about all those products that can help create a perfect face with which to move forward, we understand that the most beautiful face is the one lying underneath, the one that you see every morning in the mirror. Sometimes, it’s all about being happy in your skin…and letting people see the real you.

Hope you like the NYT piece!



One Response to It Happened: I Was In The New York Times’ T Magazine

  1. Katrina Schenfield says:

    Girl, how cool is that?! Congrats, big time!! I know you work for Simple and I’m with Katixon Skin Care but isn’t getting women to feel comfortable in their own skin what our work is all about? And you’re at that place. I love it!!

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