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Kristin Booker • June 9, 2011

It’s My Birthday! My Top Ten List Of Things I Will Accomplish This Year

So, today is my birthday. It’s a big one, too. One of those occasions that comes along every ten years that ends in a zero and causes you to reflect on everything in your life. I’ve had some time to think about what I really WANT for my birthday and I’ve decided that it’s really not about “stuff” as much as it is about the kind of life I’d like to live this year. Here’s my Top Ten List of the things I will accomplish this big year. Feel free to borrow or steal any that apply to you and repeat after me:

This year, I will unleash my inner rock star. The world is my stage and it’s time I took my rightful place at the center of the action. Let’s face it: I’m a life-loving hedonistic kind of gal that likes my fashion fabulous, my beauty beautiful and my lifestyle to come complete with the best that life has to offer. No more compromises, no more settling for less than I deserve. It’s time for the world to get a backstage pass into the best year of my life.

I will love myself with fierce abandon. Just slightly shy of narcissism, I’m talking about a radical love of self that most people might find selfish but it’s actually completely worthwhile. That means putting myself above all other tasks and making sure that I take impeccable care of myself. I will care for my body, I will nourish myself from the soul outward and I will learn to say no to those things that counteract these goals.

I will be a really demanding bitch this year. Watch out, world. I reserve the right to be nice about it, but I’m about to get really, REALLY in your face about what I deserve. Because I’ve earned the right to be here and I’m not going anywhere.

For each thing I receive, I will give something away. I plan on a life of abundance so for every thing I receive, I will do my best to give something to someone in need. There’s more than enough good stuff to go around. Why not spread the joy to someone who REALLY needs it?

I will love again. But it’s different this time. I want fun, passion with wild abandon and someone who sets my soul on fire at times and quenches my thirst for happiness almost all the time. I release the damages that have been done in the past. They no longer define me.

I will no longer be afraid of myself. I think the reason people go into destructive patterns (and listen to me – SILENCE is a destructive pattern if you’re not speaking your personal truth) is because they’re afraid of their own power. If you’ve got something to say or do that you think people will consider you crazy for doing or you’re afraid to fall from fear of flying, that is EXACTLY what you should be doing. Let your inner crazy child out to play for a while. I assure you she’s WAY more fun and will set stuff DONE for you.

I will run to Fear. I do not wish to be afraid of things anymore. If it scares me, I should consider it within reason. I have BIG stuff planned for this year and I cannot be afraid of what will happen if I do something. I’ve waited long enough to know what will happen if I DON’T do it, so I might as well find out what will happen if I DO. C’mon, Fear, let’s go for a ride.

I will clean house. That goes for relationships, bad habits, frenemies and all sorts of maleficent people and activities that don’t fit into this plan. It’s hard to book big life plans with a freight car full of baggage. It’s time to switch it up. Love you but you have to go.

I will celebrate my successes. I plan on celebrating for celebrating. There’s so much happiness to be had out here, people. Let’s go find it and mark the moments that make our souls sing. Even the quietest celebration for the most minor victory should be had. Pop the champagne or simply walk into the sun. It’s time to really live it and love it this year.

I will be grateful. For all that I am about to do and everything I am about to receive, I am already grateful. I have asked for this life. I will be grateful for all lessons, blessings and meetings. I thank God for getting me here to this point and I thank myself for carrying me through.

Let’s celebrate our successes. Grab a glass of whatever you like and celebrate with me. Happy Birthday to all of us! It’s the dawn of a new day and the start of a whole new lease on life. Let’s party!




3 Responses to It’s My Birthday! My Top Ten List Of Things I Will Accomplish This Year

  1. Susan says:

    Have a fabulous year! Happy Birthday!

  2. Katie says:

    LOVE THIS! Amazing. Happy birthday! (20th?)

  3. Ugochi says:

    wonderful list! happy bday!

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