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Kristin Booker • August 18, 2009

Jewelry Heaven: An Interview with Robyn Rhodes

I am an obsessive Entourage fan for the writing (and Adrien Grenier, who are we kidding?), but I also love looking at the wardrobe featured on the show. Loving the amazing baubles shown on the lovely ladies on the show? That’s fantastic LA-based jewelry designer Robyn Rhodes. I’m personally obsessed with her bohemian chic pieces and had a chance to find out what makes the designer tick.

How did you get your start making jewelry?
I started making jewelry since I was twelve years old as just a hobby but I worked in Film and Television for six years before I picked up jewelry making as a full-time career. I was waiting for the phone to ring for my next job working freelance in tv/film production just after 9/11 when my aunt showed me a $20 necklace that her son have given to her. When I saw this necklace — glass marbles glued to a wound up long piece of wire that would you get at your local hardware store with a piece of leather that you would tie around your neck — and found out how much my cousin paid for it, I was outraged and said, ” I can do that, and for cheaper!” I picked up all the materials and started making them for friends, family, etc. Seven years later, I never thought that a glass marble $20 necklace would jump start such a fulfilling career!

What are your major inspirations for your jewelry? What inspired you for this collection?What do you look to for inspiration when designing?
When I go shopping for stones and charms, my mind goes crazy with designs! I start from the design concepts and then begin thinking about what color stones would go with what. I really love free-flowing designs that can take you from day to night; that is one of the most important aspect of all my collections. I also like to look to my former film and TV career for inspiration — old movies, tv, even old fashion magazines. I can be inspired by everything and anything. I typically design jewelry in my sleep and have to keep a notepad by my bed!

What are some of your favorites from your collection?
I love, love earrings!! So I am always wearing either my double hoop earrings called Mattie or my red quartz Samantha earrings (seen above). Then I just layer up the necklaces such as the Rita, Deirdre, Corey, and another fave, Grace.

What are your favorite items of clothing? How would you describe your own personal style?
I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. It works for me – especially when I layer up the jewelry!

Who is the woman who wears your jewelry? Describe the Robyn Rhodes customer.
I’d like to think that Robyn Rhodes jewelry is for people who do not typically wear jewelry; they hesitantly buy one piece in silver and next thing you know, they’re wearing five pieces of RR jewelry at once, and in gold!

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