Kristin Booker • October 9, 2009

Jewelry Obsession: Alternatives by Robert Verdi

I’m not gonna lie: I love me some Robert Verdi.

I’ve written about the amazing Luxe Lab and other projects from the celebrity stylist/lifestyle maven but when a celebrity stylist makes their expertise available for all, it bears reporting. Wish Eva Longoria Parker’s personal stylist could make the magic happen in your own wardrobe? Well, now you can have this little experience for yourself: he’s launched a jewelry line for QVC, Alternatives by Robert Verdi. I called the celebrity stylist and got the scoop on his new line of jewelry.

FSB: You know, I have to say, I know that you can do a great many things but how did I miss the fact that you make jewelry?
RV: Ha! I actually went to school to study jewelry design, and started my own business designing and manufacturing jewelry right out school. Due to my high level of integrity and incredible standards, the business just didn’t sustain itself and so I packed away my jewelry bench and pursued fashion and interior design.

FSB: But you always knew you’d return to it someday?
RV: I did. I always knew I would return to it. I have great joy when I make jewelry, it’s the time commitment and the high quality standards that kept me from pursuing it on a larger scale for such a long time. So, I kept my bench in storage and would play with it every once in a while.

FSB: What was the inspiration for the jewelry line? What made you return to it now?
RV: You know, after pursuing interior design and fashion,it became apparent that those two worlds would converge again. I wanted women to have super-stylish jewelry that’s still conservative enough to wear to work, but could really work beautifully into their wardrobes. The inspirations really came from working with clients, because it always wanted something that I just didn’t have. It was always, “I love this necklace but I’d rather it be longer so it could work at multiple lengths or as a bracelet” or “I wish this stone were a bit more versatile so it would easily take my client from day to night.” So, I worked with TCJC to design the collection I wanted every woman to have.

FSB: What are some of your favorite pieces in the collection?
RV: I created this 72” Bead Chain Crystal Necklace ($40) as a versatile piece that can be worn a multitude of ways and something that can truly go day to night The Set of 3 Beaded Beauty Hoops ($50)in Carnelian, Sapphire and Onyx hues are personal favorites because I just love a good hoop. They always work and they’re appropriate with almost material. You know I love the statement necklace so the Bold Status Link Necklace ($29.50) is a great piece to transform any dress .

FSB: Can we tell the people about the LOGO show that I’m about to be addicted to? You know, the reality show that you’ve been filming that goes behind the scenes of your fabulous life?
RV: Oh, yes! I’ve got my own reality show that follows my crazy life and that of my fabulous staff. It’s called The Robert Verdi Show Starring Robert Verdi and it’s coming to LOGO network early next year. Stay tuned!


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