Kristin Booker • October 20, 2009

Jewelry Obsession: More Magic from Robyn Rhodes Jewelry

You remember I was telling you about the amazing Robyn Rhodes, she of the amazing jewelry as seen on Entourage (and the amazing Dana necklace seen above)? Well, I was just chatting with the celebrity jewelry designer (and huge favorite of FSB) and she’s got some new pieces that you need to know about. Oh, and by the way, you know that November 2009 InStyle that’s sitting on your coffee table? Yep, she’s in there. Here are some fabulous pieces you’ll want to check out for your own wardrobe.

This Sophia necklace is a stunning design, a mixture of heavy chains and delicate stones that is bound to transform your wardrobe.

If you need a fabulous pair of earrings that will add some a touch of bohemian glamour to your wardrobe, these Maggie earrings are gorgeous (they kind of remind me of bejeweled dreamcatchers) and these stunning Christiana earrings are so elegant, they’re bound to become a wardrobe staple.

The gorgeous Robbie ring (available in multiple stones, as seen above) has been seen on Entourage and will be featured in the November InStyle magazine! I love a good ring. It makes almost any outfit just a little more chic.

Last but not least, I kind of blushing but really excited that there’s a cool new addition to the collection. It’s the gorgeous Kristin necklace and it’s about to be a staple of my own wardrobe (and yes, I humbly admit that it was named after me.) No, I didn’t know about it. No, I’m not doing the post just because she did it but yes, I’m completely honored and thrilled!

Planning some holiday purchases or just need something to make your jewelry box a little more glamorous? I think a piece of Robyn Rhodes jewelry might do the trick.


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