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Kristin Booker • February 24, 2012

Life’s Little Luxuries: 3 Items To Help You Relax From Molton Brown

My best friends for the weekend - relaxation-inducing products from Molton Brown.

Sometimes you need to just BACK OFF yourself a little.  I can honestly say that after working 16-hour days for almost three weeks straight, I am seriously overdue for a little rest, relaxation and hours spent in sweatpants with nowhere to go. Can I get an “amen” from the choir?

Hence, I am turning to my three favorite products from my beloved Molton Brown this weekend to help me relax. Here they are, sitting on my sink and ready to rock. They are in no particular order (but with plenty of love) as follows:

Molton Brown Rok Mint Hand Wash ($28) – People, this new hand wash is utterly transformative when it comes to  delightful, happy cleansing. Anyone who has ever used a great hand wash knows that the experience of a beautiful scent makes getting clean even more beautiful, and this hand wash delivers like Domino’s. This woodsy-scented wonder combines fermented rok-radish with a touch of mint, basil and just a hint of black currant. It’s unisex, it’s amazing and it’s a necessity for the side of your sink, period.

Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath and Shower ($30) – Incredibly moisturizing, this is the way to soothe the savage soul and to get your mind to calm down. It combines the combined fragrances of vanilla, ylang-ylang and rose help to calm the senses paired with yuan zhi, a plant that grows wild in southern China that’s used to balance energies and soothe your spirit. Mango oil hydrates like no other. I plan on being up to my neck in a tub full of this in about an hour.

Molton Brown Desert Bloom Intensive Foot Rescue ($27) – Been on your feet all day or, in my case, recovering from two weeks of running in really high heels? Awesome – this is the foot cream you’ve been begging for. It contains Mexican desert candelilla plant wax to help replace lost moisture and to keep those hard patches of skin from forming as well as plant cellulose extract to soften and condition your poor feet. Slathering this on once I’m in bed once I determine my feet will not hit the floor again until morning.

Grab these items for your weekend. I know I’ve earned it and I’m sure you have as well. Relax and enjoy!


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