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Kristin Booker • January 8, 2013

Life’s Little Luxuries: Agent Provocateur Bubble Luscious Bubble Bath for National Bubble Bath Day

My new favorite bath time staple from Agent Provocateur: Bubble Luscious Bubble Bath.

My new favorite bath time staple from Agent Provocateur: Bubble Luscious Bubble Bath.

I didn’t know there was such a thing, but today is National Bubble Bath Day. So, here’s how I suggest you celebrate My New Favorite Holiday.

Anyone familiar with lingerie is aware of naughty-nice-whatever-you’re-feeling-like label Agent Provocateur. With a cult following of burlesque performers, celebrities and a legion of private citizens who’d prefer to remain nameless (<cough> I might have a piece or two <cough>), it goes without saying that pretty much anything from this brand will deliver on demand, all the time, period.

But what if you’re in the mood to get clean before you get a little dirty OR you just want a little private time in a Very Sexy Bathtub? Enter my new favorite discovery and bathroom staple: Agent Provocateur Bubble Luscious Bubble Bath.

People, I test about 20-40 products a week at minimum. In order to make it into my bathroom as a mainstay (much less a STAR performer) is saying something. I’m planning on purchasing so many bottles of this pink sexy time staple that I’ll need extra storage space.

The fluffy bubbles are one thing. The lovely vanity appeal of the pink bottle is another. But the fragrance is everything you love about lingerie. Slightly powdery at the beginning, like opening a sachet-filled lingerie drawer, then softly sexy, with rose and perfume notes. It’s beyond sensual.

Oh, and it has extracts like Slippery Honey, which helps you emerge with skin that is silken on a whole other level. People, it’s the good stuff.

Valentine’s Day, date night, Wednesday night when the kids are out – invest in a bottle and just savor the moment. Life is about taking time for the things that matter. This bubble bath is one of them.

Agent Provocateur Bubble Luscious Bubble Bath, available via Agent Provocateur and psst…amazon also carries it. 🙂


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