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Kristin Booker • January 20, 2015

Love Yourself Moment: Dove Hair Wants You to #LoveYourCurls

So, I’m actually in the middle of finishing this week’s How She Does It piece, but then Dove Hair sent me an email that made me stop. And cry. I actually cried. Because Dove is good at getting me like that with their massive efforts toward building self-esteem in women.

As some of you may know, I made a decision last year to stop chemically straightening my hair. I don’t know how to describe the process of growing an entirely new head of hair with an unfamiliar texture and just having to accept that there are some days where you will just hate the whole thing. Because you leave the house and society seems to have the whole smooth, flowing locks thing on lockdown. My boyfriend will attest to that trauma. There were days I wouldn’t want to leave the house.

Me with my own naturally curly hair.

Me with my own naturally curly hair.

But as I’ve gotten a little more length to my hair, I admit that I’m really happy I stayed the course to have curly hair.  My hair texture is kind of interesting, and as it grows out, I have both curls and waves of different sizes sprouting from my scalp. But I admit that I still feel inclined to blow it out every so many days. It’s like I dip my toe in my texture and then go running for the safety of shore with heat styling. I’m learning to love my curls, and every day I remove heat styling from the equation, I feel like we’re becoming more friendly. Slowly but surely, I’m becoming more and more the woman I want to be.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a child with curly hair with the intense societal pressures that abound these days, and particularly with a mother who feels the same pressures I do to blow your hair out to “look professional.” The Dove study says that little girls learn to love their curls from their mothers and if they’re surrounded by women who love their hair in its natural state. The video you see made me realize my responsibility to myself but also to anybody who might pick up the blog. My message is “Life is short. Live well.” I think we can all do that if we love ourselves right now, right where we are.

It’s a good video and a great message. Curly girls, unite! Let’s #LoveYourCurls!


One Response to Love Yourself Moment: Dove Hair Wants You to #LoveYourCurls

  1. Sili says:

    I love alladis!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your journey and sharing this great video. I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying! 😉


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