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Kristin Booker • May 1, 2012

Makeup Lesson: How to Get the Gucci Spring 2012 Collection Smoky Eye

The Pat McGrath-created smoky eye from the Gucci Spring 2012 Collection presentation. Image source unknown (but greatly appreciated.)

Some of you may know that I write for this little site called StyleUnited. If not, I think you should scoot over there (as soon as you’re done reading this post, of course) and check out all the amazing content from me and my beauty and fashion blogging brethren. Style advice, videos, how-tos, street style photos: it’s pretty glamazing (as my friend Amber Katz from Beauty Blogging Junkie would say.)

Anyway, I recently did a post for them that I was DYING to show you because, let’s face it: a perfect smoky eye is like a beauty gal’s Quest for Fire. Dramatic, amazing, alluring, mysterious – everything you want without looking like a hot buttered mess if you do it wrong. My obsession with the dramatic art deco-meets-punk look created by world-renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath for Frida Giannini’s Gucci Spring 2012 collection knew no bounds, so when I attended a COVERGIRL event where she went through all the looks created and how to get them, I paid special attention when she walked us through how to get this entire makeup look. Here’s how it’s done and the best part? All the products are COVERGIRL, which means great results at a great price:

Step One

Step One: Create a neutral base – The skin has to be a flawless canvas on this look to ensure that the focus is entirely on the eyes, so apply foundation first. In the photo, I have on COVERGIRL + Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation, which is what Pat uses backstage because it has the makeup quality of COVERGIRL complexion products with the skin-nourishing aspects of Olay – a must with runway-ravaged skin. I also applied concealer where needed and pulled my hair back to mimic the look of the models. Pat alsobleached the eyebrows out for this look. I didn’t go THAT far, but if you want to go get the look without bleaching yours, cover your eyebrows with concealer and blend it down with your finger.

Step One Important Note: Use Shadow Primer – I am a stickler for applying shadow base with a look like this because you want it to stay put. A smoky eye that melts looks like a doused campfire to me. Womp womp. I used COVERGIRL Intense Shadowblast Primer + Rich Shadow in Beige Blaze 800 to create a base all the way around the eye. I used it over concealer and allowed it to dry for 5 minutes before applying shadow.

Step 2

Step Two: Define the eye – Using a COVERGIRL Liquiline Blast Eyeliner Pencil in Blackfire, line the eye all the way around and smoke it out with the blending tip. Line all the way around the eye, including around the tear duct. Do this repeatedly until you’ve created a good smoky base about midway up the eye and slightly beneath it.

Step 3

Step Three: Add dimension – This is where the fun begins. Using the black end of a COVERGIRL Smoky Shadowblast Duo Shadow Stick in Onyx Smoke, draw the shape you want for the eye (I tried to stay as close to Pat’s slightly geometric look as possible,) then fill it in. There’s really no wrong way to do this, but I will give you a tip: the more angular you go with the shape, the more flattering it is. Drawing a circle around the orb of your eye will make it look more Halloween than hottie. I’m just sayin’.

Step 4

Step Four: Give it shimmer – Here’s where it gets some rock and roll appeal. Using a medium shadow brush, swipe COVERGIRL 1-Kit Eye Enhancers in Shimmering Onyxover the orb of the eye and out to the corners. I used a smaller angled brush to place some shimmer under the eye as well. It gives it a smoky appeal and the shimmering particles capture the light beautifully.

A model getting her makeup done backstage at Gucci's Spring 2012 show. Image source unknown.

A tip: see this photo above where someone is holding a tissue? A wise choice when applying this shadow look because some might fall. Sparkle, Neely, sparkle.

Step 5

Step Five: Lush out the lashes – Finish the look with at least two coats of COVERGIRL 24- Hour Mascara in Very Black. No blush here, gals – it’s a very Tilda Swinton-type look.) I just swiped a little Aquaphor over my lips mixed with a dab of COVERGIRL 1-Kit Eye Enhancers in Pink Champagne dotted at the center of both lips and simply rubbed my lips together to blend.

And there you go! The Gucci smoky eye runway look! What do you think? Will you try it?



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