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Kristin Booker • January 21, 2010

Man of Style: Sean John Fall/Winter '10 Collection

Let me just say it: I love Diddy. I’m not even going to lie here. Sean Combs is a genius when it comes to the combination of aesthetics and marketing and anyone who’s been around fashion and style over the past decade knows the power of his brand. When I recently received photos of the Sean John F/W ’10 collection, I had to show them to you. It’s really rather fabulous.

The Sean John team has just prepared their F/W collection and showroom for market week with the design direction of “The Rivalry.” Think of class struggles among men for ages and you’ll immediately get the concept: different levels of society waging war for power. A clever take on some well-known rivals, let’s take a look at the design aesthetic around this sharply-designed collection, shall we?

Blue Bloods are described by the label as “the epitome of refinement and upper classicism. Trained and molded to become the ‘elite.’ Their focus lies on the purity of victory.” Kind of hot, eh, Upper East Siders?

The Crimsons are said to be “the antithesis of what the Blue Bloods portray.  They stand for utilitarianism and purpose while adding their own unique touch.  The everlasting feud continues as battles are won and lost.” 

Finally, Team Noir is the style that comes as a result of the conflict between the previous two. Said to be a fusion of clean-cut and rugged style, it’s a dark, chic style that refuses to play by any of the previous rules. 

No matter what team you choose, the Sean John collection for F/W ’10 should be on your shopping list for day and nighttime style. Ladies, if you’re reading this for your guy, put this on your shopping list and add a little swagger to your man’s closet with some Diddy duds. 🙂


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