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Kristin Booker • July 12, 2010

Men’s Grooming: New Vaseline MEN Line is a Dry Skin Miracle

As a child I had incredibly dry skin. So dry that my mother thought the small dark spots from the eczema on my legs were dirt and attempted (without success) to scrub them off. Raw, itchy and dry, I was whisked to the doctor where he instructed my mother to slather my body with Vaseline. So came a nightly routine of being greased up like a Thanksgiving turkey ready to be thrown into the oven.

Over time my skin improved but I’ve always been in search of a moisturizer that 1. worked as well and 2. didn’t smell like a field of hydrangeas. This experiment has led me to try everything under the sun and, while some worked better than others, I hadn’t been able to find something that had all the qualities I was looking for until recently…in my old friend Vaseline.

My old friend is back and in addition to the classic petroleum jelly “goop”, the company has launched Vaseline MEN, a line of skincare complete with three different types of moisturizers that will keep the skin smooth, looking fresh and smelling great. The brand’s Fast Absorbing Body & Face Lotion ($7.99)  penetrates skin quickly without the sticky feeling you sometimes get from other lotions, Cooling Hydration Body Lotion ($7.99) is perfect after a day of fun in the sun, and their Extra Strength Body & Face Lotion ($3.59)  formula is my personal go-to so my skin doesn’t feel like sandpaper.

Want to give your guy (or yourself, dudes) some great skincare from Vaseline? Pick them up at your local drugstore or super retailer and suffer summer (or perpetual) dry skin no more.


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