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Kristin Booker • August 9, 2010

Men’s Grooming With Matt: Chic Travel Essentials for the Sharply-Dressed Man

Dean Martin in Airport, 1970

Once upon a time, travel was glamorous. You could tote around the airport dressed to the nines with a skycap in tow, pushing around your myriad of trunks and suitcases that would hold everything for a trip of two days up to a voyage of two years. Sadly, those days are gone and now we’re herded like cattle to stuff our one measly bag into the overhead bin.

While we can’t demand that the travel industry bring back the more civilized days of yore, you can make your own experience a little more chic. Here are a few of my favorite accessories that keep me James Bond-cool while not-so-friendly security guards scrutinize whether my travel-sized toothpaste meets FAA standards:

First up: the dopp kit. A serious step up from the Ziploc bag, this Coach Transatlantic Travel Kit ($128) is the ideal bag to hold all of my toiletries. It’s butter soft and is the perfect size to hold all my necessities in big boy style.

Instead of spending hours raiding the travel-sized aisle, I head to my friends at John Allan’s for their perfect 5-Pack Travel Kit. Conveniently packaged in a clear (read: FAA approved) plastic case, it’s chock-full of their signature products including shampoo, conditioner, shaving balm and face wash.

Now, the wallet. This Cole Haan’s Seton Slim Wallet ($98) is de la mode for today’s gentleman on-the-go. My best wallets ranks it quite high on their all time best wallets list. It holds everything I need without leaving that awkward bulge that so many wallets do. You know what I’m talking about. So unattractive and unnecessary.

Finally, you need sunglasses. Whether front row at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week or fresh off the red eye from L.A., the perfect pair of big black don’t-“F”-with-me sunglasses are necessary. Hugo Boss’ Metal Aviator ($148) is the perfect choice. They go with a suit, sweats, denim – whatever – and they command authority.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just packing for a quick overnighter or a long journey: traveling can be stylish and fun. Just be sure to save enough cash for tips, incidentals and the occasional martini in the sky lounge.


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