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Kristin Booker • July 20, 2010

Men’s Grooming with Matt: Get Rid of Unwanted Hair with the Remington Body and Back Groomer

Last summer, a close friend of mine was getting married and preparing to set sail on a Mediterranean cruise for his honeymoon. In preparation for said cruise, he got very much into ‘manscaping’ and got his back waxed (because hey there are no hairy people in Europe, right?).  Both frightened and intrigued, I wondered if this was something I should consider ? I mean, after all, I am of Italian descent and have a tendency to be a bit on the hairier side. In a fit of grooming need (and curiosity, not going to lie), I took the plunge and got a back wax. The harsh white lights and aggressive Eastern European aesthetician made it seem a bit more barbaric and surgical, but I survived and my back was blissfully hair-free (and more attractive) for the rest of the summer. I also went to and got a new grooming kit. Thinking there had to be a better (read: less painful) way to take care of this situation this summer,  I went in search of alternatives. Depilatory creams scare me, Brunhilda at the waxing salon is an last-resort option, and a female friend who lovingly offered to wax it for me was shut down after that episode where the Kardashian sisters waxed each other with tragic results on their show. I was lost in a sea of back grooming dilemma until our friends at Remington came through. Always one step ahead, I was given the new Remington Body and Back Groomer to test.

Much like their traditional grooming tools, the Body and Back Groomer comes with a variety of attachments to keep everything neat and tidy. The special feature that caught my eye was its 360 degree bi-directional head and extendable handle that allows you to actually shave all the hair off your back without any assistance. A bit hesitant, I charged the device and went to town. It was quick, easy, painless and most important, I was hair free! This is THE product of the summer guys, I definitely think we all need one…

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The Remington Back and Body Groomer ($39.99), available via mass retailers such as Best Buy.


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