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Kristin Booker • June 28, 2010

Men’s Grooming with Matt: Get The Ultimate Shave with Alford and Hoff

It’s time for a big boy shave.

I vividly remember the first time I shaved. How precise I was. The way I slowly worked the shaving cream in my hands, evenly applying that menthol foam all over my face and,  finally with a steady hand, taking off my first five o’clock shadow.  In my mind, that day was a great day: it was a day when I knew I was a man and it felt good.

After years of loyalty to a basic foam and “better” disposable razor, I decided to upgrade to a fancy multiple-blade razor and shaving cream that cost more than $2.49. Fast-forward ten years and here I am, product junkie  in search of an even better shave.

I’ve tried oils, creams, gels, pastes and the like but nothing has worked as well as the latest skincare goodness from Alford & Hoff. These products, developed by ASU grads Barry Alford and Jefferson Hoffman, are a new line of men’s skincare products for the next generation of  shavers. Their Foaming Gel Cleanser ($35), Shave Performance Cream ($32) and
Moisturizer SPF 15 Sirtuin-Activating Hydrating Cream ($80) are the triple crown of facial care.

After washing my face with the cleanser, I felt smooth, clear and ready for the main event. I slowly lathered the creamy, dense shave cream and spread it liberally across my face. Five minutes later, my three-day beard was no more and my face was incredibly smooth: no bumps, no cuts, no scrapes, no dryness — truly an amazing thing in this kid’s eyes, the result I got was almost the same result I get every time I go to the Scout’s Barbershop in Nashville.  A little SPF15 moisturizer finished my fantastic shave and kept me looking dewy fresh all day long.

Yes, these things are a little more expensive than your average, run-of-the-mill shaving products, but your face will thank you for spending the extra cash! Check out their website for these amazing shaving products and even more fantastic skincare options.

It’s time to save a little face, guys. Start with your own.


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