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Kristin Booker • September 27, 2010

Men’s Grooming with Matt: Getting Fitted for the Ultimate Pants with Bonobos

Even as a kid, I have always loved shopping. As the summer came to a close and the first day of school came closer, I got excited not so much for new friends and teachers, but for all of the new clothes that were part of the package that was the beginning of the school year. Even though I have fond memories of shopping excursions with the family be it to get gifts for brothers and my other siblings or to get tons of First Day Of School loot, I retain memories of the challenge to find a well-fitting pair of pants. Hearing “Wait, do you have these in husky?” or a nice saleslady telling me that there were great things in the “special section” made me cringe. I swore that as an adult things would be better and I would find great pants that looked good. Now I’m grown and armed with a tailor and I have a greater knowledge of works and what doesn’t. One label I’ve discovered that fits well? Bonobos.

These trouser mavens are a godsend. Their pants fit and they fit well. It doesn’t matter if you choose a chino, corduroy or wool trouser; each expertly-tailored pair is constructed with a curved waistband to keep them from riding too high or low (yes, ladies, men also have this problem.) Also, each pair has a special design in the seat to avoid the shapeless look they’ve deemed “khaki diaper butt.”

I recently contacted Bonobos’ “Fit Ninjas” and told them my childhood nightmares and current fit problems. Almost immediately, a pair of expertly-crafted, perfectly-fitted wool trousers and quite possibly the best fitting, most comfortable chino I have ever owned arrived at my doorstep. The fit was impeccable, the fabric high-quality, and the colorful linings were an awesome added touch. In a word, I was sold.

If you’re looking for a great pair of pants for your man (or yourself, gents) definitely check out Bonobos. It’s worth the investment. Plus, if you love the pants, be sure to check out the coordinating blazers to create the perfect suit and then work your addiction onto their line of superbly crafted, super preppy accessories. I promise, like me, you’ll be completely hooked.

For more information on Bonobos’ pants, jackets and other items, click here.


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