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Kristin Booker • September 18, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Binetti Spring 2011 Collection

Associate Editor Reese Pereira had her breath taken away by this dream-like collection. Let’s see what she had to say.

Before The Show: In line while waiting to enter the presentation venue, writers that had backstage access were going NUTS over the makeup for this collection and could not stop commenting on how incredible the vision was. (My thought? Hell yeah, get me in there!)
Overhead In the Crowd: Breathtaking gasps and silence as everyone stood in AWE of the beauty that lay before us.  Literally I got goosebumps the minute I walked into the room.  GOOSEBUMPS, people.
The Collection: Diego Binetti’s collection instantly made me think earth goddess chic. It was elegant, glamorous and bold yet at the same time romantic and extremely feminine.  The pieces dazzled with an array of sequins, lace, beads and ruffles on embroidered gowns, dresses and harem pants.  The detail on each individual piece was so intricate that I found myself stopping and gazing at the collection as if it should have been kept behind laser guarded glass in the Musée du Louvre.  The color pallette, true to the earth goddess chic theme, used color tones like pale yellows, cream, sand, blue and green. The whole collection was truly spectacular.
Trend Spotting: Cascading ruffles were paired with exquisite jewelry (a variety of bracelets were on all of the models’ wrists,) however the one trend that jumped out at me? Cocktail ring nails, which took the collection to a whole new level.  Each model had a unique “ring nail” to accent the creation she was wearing and no two were the same; some were clustered pearls attached to the top of the nail and some had cascading round-cut rhinestones over the knuckle down the finger.  Truly fantastic and unlike anything I have ever seen. A truly unique accessory that you’ll most likely see trickle down throughout the next season.
Overall Impression: Diego managed to keep the collection dreamlike without veering too far into costume and presented a captivating and unique collection of dresses that seem destined for special occasions from black tie to weddings for the upcoming season.  Look for the photographers to crush themselves trying to get shots of these elegant creations if they make it to the red carpet. I, for one, hope they do.
Want to see more of the collection? Check out our photo gallery below!
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  1. Helena says:

    Delightfull Perez Sanz´s jewelry !! So good to know they arrived to NYC!

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