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Kristin Booker • February 15, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Custo Barcelona Fall 2010

Before The Show: I was told before the show that, when the lights are down and the techno is blaring, the Custo show is the hottest spot in New York City. It was true – the line to get into the show was certainly reminiscent of nights in the Meatpacking District.

Overheard In The Crowd: Someone asked Nole Marin (of ANTM fame), who was inexplicably waiting on line, if he wanted to buy LA Fashion Week. It costs fifty million, in case you’re curious.

The Collection: Custo’s Fall 2010 collection was called “Hairy Metal,” and it definitely lived up to the name. The brand’s typical aesthetic – patterns and prints with lots of shine and color – was combined with fur, fringe, and texture for a distinctly modern look. In fact, many pieces included both hair and pattern; geometric designs were broken up by segments of thick fur. The color palette was increasingly varied as the show went on: blues, purples, and pinks gave way to greens and oranges, along with basic browns and blacks that helped to ground each look. Fur collars topped off the pieces’ high necklines; some were attached to the dresses, and some were independent, outrageous pieces. The rocker-chic beauty at Custo perfectly complimented the looks, with David Bowie-esque hairstyles and contoured cheekbones.

Trend Spotting: Custo Barcelona, like many other designers this season, had an eye for fur and leather. Most of the necklines were unusually high, especially for a designer who tends to fall on the sexy end of the spectrum. That said, hemlines for dresses and skirts were short and cuts were narrow. Print mixing, as always, was a huge trend at the show.

Overall Impression: The show was styled to the extreme, with each look boasting vivid, clashing printed leggings, dress, jacket… you get the idea. Some of the pieces might be wearable on their own (save for the leggings), but the Custo show itself was all about the spectacle. My ears are still ringing.


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