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Kristin Booker • September 27, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Enjoying Time Off (and Fashion Week Finds) at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory

Anyone that reads FSB knows that we have a very dear relationship with celebrity stylist/lifestyle guru/taste maven Robert Verdi. So, every year when the invitations start flying for Fashion Week, there’s one little email that all of us look for almost more than any other: an invite to the Luxe Laboratory Fashion Week Retreat, a few hours in the day carved out just for those invited to rest, recharge, grab a bite to eat and not having anyone shoving, pushing or snarling at us for at least a couple of hours. This year’s Fashion Week retreat featured some amazing products that we were able to enjoy and that, honestly, not only will I continue to enjoy them, but I thought they could make your lives a little easier and fabulous as well. What did Robert Verdi pick as the “it” items for this Fashion Week season? Read on:

Coca-Cola Fashion Pops – These were super cute, people. Coke designed stylish rings designed for each bottle just for the RV/FW10 Retreat. There were only a limited number of the gorgeous rings showcasing each beverage’s signature look. I tweeted during Fashion Week that they were giving these away so I hope you caught it. If not, follow both me and Robert on Twitter (@fashionstbeauty and @robertverdi, respectively) because there are a LOT of fun giveaways always happening! You can also follow his giveaways here.

Panasonic Massage Chair – This was the biggest lifesaver for all of us during Fashion Week, you have no idea. I told the PR rep that if this chair was a human being, I would have asked it on a date. It’s a lounger that was created to mimic a shiatsu massage therapists hands on both your back AND your legs. Yes, it massages your calves and your FEET, people. Rarely do I take my shoes off in someone’s house, but this was the first time my tootsies were revealed at Luxe Lab and I don’t regret it in the slightest. If you or someone you know works really hard and/or has circulation issues, this is a great thoughtful present. Because, you know, Christmas is fast approaching. Oh, and the chair is actually attractive so no worries about home decor concerns.
Acuvue 1-day Acuvue TruEye – My new personal contact lens, I even made it vocal on this site and their cool Fashion Week Video Confessional, where we had a chance to talk about the spectacle through our eyes. I happened to be wearing my contact lenses during this time, so that made it even easier. You know how I love these lenses: the breathable technology keeps eyes white and allows eyes to breathe almost as if you are not wearing contact lenses at all. Want to see what any of us had to say? Go to www. to see what we had to say and then upload your own thoughts if you want for a chance to win a second giftbag with a LOT of the goodies from the RV/FW’10 retreat. Check out details here.
Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Bar – I don’t like instant coffee…until now. No, I’m not even kidding because this little machine turned me AROUND, people. The little machine are compact (perfect for apartment folks) and there are 13 different coffees to choose from. There will be two types of the machines coming out, the Piccolo (the small one, under $100) and the Circolo, winner of the 2010 International Design Award this year. Will I be buying one? Yes, because I have little to no time or space to fool with a large coffee machine in the morning.
Glaceau SmartWater & VitaminWater Zero – We all get incredibly dehydrated during Fashion Week so I know most of us spent quite a bit of time with Smartwater (zero-calorie, vapor-distilled water that contains added electrolytes) and VitaminWater Zero, my new obsession after giving up diet soda.
Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas This is where I spent a good amount of time getting  a blowouts and dry styling from Red Door Spas professional hair stylists. If you’re in NYC, check out the gorgeous Elizabeth Arden Red Door 5th Ave flagship spa for blowouts, cut, color – anything you need to get and feel runway ready. You’ll be seeing more coverage on Red Door Spas here on FSB, so keep it tuned here.
X-Rated Fusion Liqueur  and their X-Rated Cocktails at the Beauty Bar – OMG, YUM. This skinny liqueur was served to us with a smile as a cocktail that I feel you must make for yourself pronto. It’s called the X-Small and it’s just 96-calories! Combine 1.5 oz x-rated fusion liquor, 3/4 oz lemon juice, 1/2 ox simple syrup and a splash of club soda in a shaker. Mix, then serve with lemon over ice! Check their site for more skinny, sexy cocktail ideas.
Linea Pelle Collection – I know what you’re thinking – we needed more fashion to play with but as a longtime fan of Linea Pelle, I’m hooked on the stylish leather bags, bracelets and other accessories. I even wound up rocking a bracelet and a wallet from the collection during Fashion Week. So amazing. I can’t even get into how spectactular (and affordable for the quality) these leather goods are, so check out the gorgeous fall collection on their website.
The Shabby Dog – For those of you with adorable dogs (I’m so jealous), this is an adorable line of pet accessories. Everything from dog sweaters to gorgeous collars and hands-free leash systems that will make both of you fashionable and fancy-free. Robert held an adorable dog-owners brunch at the Retreat and the pets all seemed to love it. Pamper your pooch in style with these fab items!
Vintage Revolution Jeans – You guys know that I’m a sucker for anything denim, especially denim that actually fits and maintains not only its color but its shape. Look no further, a denim empire is about to be born. The line consists of proven denim silhouettes perfected by some of the best talent in the industry and they’re infinitely flattering, come in super cool hues and they give you the World’s Most Perfect Skinny Leg in the Bell Flare version (I’m now obsessed.) Check out my beloved Bell Flare as well as their VRJ denim leggings, Girlfriend jean, and other styles via their site.
Farrow and Ball – The darlings of the design industry were there to talk to us about how the connection between fashion and interior design. Check out their forecasted must-have colors for runway style this season: Down Pipe, Cooks Blue, Mahogany, Brinjal.  for stylish design &inspirations.
Blue Print Cleanse – the healthy raw lifestyle brand was back again (and we were thrilled, because we’re addicted) to unveil their Project Snack Time, their new charitable initiative with The American Academy dedicated to providing inner city students with healthy snacks & interactive nutritional seminars, aimed at building awareness around the importance of healthy food choices from an early age. Learn more about the cleanse, their food philosophy and this worthwhile initiative via their site.
Stila Cosmetics – One of my favorite makeup lines of all time, they were on hand to give serious touch-ups for those of us who had sweated/cried/rubbed our makeup off (or were too tired to do it before the shows.) They were also there to launch their new CRUSH color, Acai with Acai berry extract filled with antioxidants. Use for lips and cheeks for fabulous fall makeup. LOVE!
Ginger+Liz Nail Lacquer – the dynamic nail duo known for the their trendy saturated hues, announced Fall “It” colors sure to create another instant sensation. Check out their new hues inspired by old jewelry and vintage fabrics. You also have to get in on the industry’s new favorites, “Tuck Me In,” “Blowin’ Money Fast”  and “Not On The First Date.” Check their site for where to buy.
Tulle and Jee Vice – It’s no surprise the man known for his signature sunglasses would have celebrity favorite Jee Vice on hand to show us new looks for keeping the lights of the runway from hurting our eyes (and you know, I tried the sunglasses thing this season and it’s awesome! SO much better on the eyes.) Check out their new color, the Red Hot, exclusively for Neiman Marcus’ holiday catalogue—that will take the gold for the season’s must-have accessory.
Tulle is a young contemporary collection of clothing inspired by vintage silhouettes, architecture and flowers that comes together in truly desirable coats and cool clothes.
Last but not least, let me give a sincere thank you to Mercedes Benz and their VIP car service, which took us back and forth from the Retreat to the tents. The subway would have wrecked our blowouts and new makeup (not to mention the 5″ heels we were wearing) so on behalf of the Fashion.Style.Beauty team, we would like to thank you for such great service. The rides in the  Mercedes-Benz S550 flagship sedan were truly spoiling.
Thanks again to Robert Verdi and the Luxe Laboratory staff for another season well-done. Check out these picks and look for more to come from Robert soon! This tastemaker always has something up his fabulous designer sleeve!

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