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Kristin Booker • February 10, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: ERRO Fall/Winter ’11 Collection

Set at the trendy Bowery Hotel, it’s not wonder the song “Painted Black” by The Rolling Stones was playing during the Fall 2011 ERRO Presentation. The gritty all black collection was inspired by imperfections and had a messy industrial feel that oozed rock and roll sex appeal. Think Goth American Apparel aerobic wear meets bondage. Casual vamp perhaps?

The collection incuded provocative pieces such as high-hipped body suits, garter belt skirts, mini dresses with edgy zipper details and deconstructed knit sweaters and leggings. The standouts were the luxe lambskin leather extras including a pair of killer lace-up-the-front skintight pants and thigh high boot covers on top of the models’ round-toed wedge platforms.

But despite how hard and tough the collection comes across, there was an organic beauty that couldn’t be ignored. The gaunt Kate Moss (circa 1994) looking models were slathered in dirt-like body make up with dark smokey eyes, nude lips and disheveled wet hair for would normally fall under the hot mess category.

But it’s just hot. Filthy hot. Make no mistake; there was nothing sweet about this smoldering collection. This one is for the bad girls! For a downtown rock concert or underground warehouse bash, ERRO created the ultimate collection that says I’m too cool to care how I look, but in reality, the look is modern Factory Girl perfection. Oh the irony.

For more information on Erro, visit their website.

—Ashley Parker


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  1. Barbara Ponagai says:

    Thanks for giving me a front row seat at Fashion Week. Keep the reports coming. I don’t want to miss a thing.

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