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Kristin Booker • September 28, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Rebecca Moses Spring 2011 Collection

Photo: Carrisa Pereira/

Associate Editor got a chance to check out the Rebecca Moses Spring 2011 collection. Here is her review.)

Before The Show: The line to get in to the Box was the LONGEST line I had to wait in for any presentation all week long!  Clearly lots of us were excited to see what Ms. Moses had in store for us…

Overhead In the Crowd: Spotted: There was a woman in front of a very fabulous [and impeccably dressed] gay couple who would not stop saying “OH MY GAWD!!!” to everything they said.  At one point after about five different pictures with them, I caught one of them rolling their eyes and mouthing the words “JUST SHUT UP!!” to his partner. He made my night!

Photo: Carrissa Pereira, Fashion.Style.Beauty. All rights reserved.

The Collection: The minute you walked into the Box there was a beautiful young woman stretched out across a larger-than-life open book which read, “Once upon a time, there was a magical girl who lived for stylish adventure. Deep inside she was flirtation, elegant, spirited and glamorous. She could have been from anywhere – so exotic, so well traveled, so belonging to the world. If only she could be free from the pages of her life. And one day, she did and set off to explore the world in her own magical way with Heart, Soul and Style.”This set the stage for a fantastic fashion presentation.

The entire presentation room looked like a giant pop-up children’s book and the models reminded me of  classically beautiful paper dolls I used to dress as a child.  The collection was clearly vintage inspired and incredibly youthful all at the same time. The models looked as if they traveled the world, living a very glamorous, well-dressed life. There was a fantastic mixing of animal prints, polka dots and stripes to dramatic but well-done effect. With busy prints in the same outfit, the outcome could have been disastrous but Moses showed incredible restraint and masterful craftsmanship. The result was really quite beautiful and wearable.

Trend Spotting: An entire collection of mix and match looks; I noticed that many items could easily be paired with other pieces in order to create a wardrobe, not just a purchase of one or two items.

Overall Impression: I found this collection to be incredibly timeless and youthful.  I would absolutely incorporate some of these pieces into my wardrobe!

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the collection in the gallery below and see for yourself.
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