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Kristin Booker • February 22, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Runway Recap: Norma Kamali OMO and Kamali Kulture Fall 2012 Collection

The 8-foot Glamazons at the Norma Kamali Fall 2012 presentation. Photo: Ashley Sears for Fashion.Style.Beauty.

Norma Kamali is undoubtedly one of fashion’s most favored individuals. A favorite of style mavens because of her design prowess, a major love of stylists for her not-so-secret ability to save the day with a knockout piece, a closet favorite of well-dressed women for her can’t-miss wardrobe items and a beloved saint of online media/bloggers for her early adoption of all things technology and social media. In short, we all wish Norma could adopt us so we could just live in her well-dressed world 24/7.

The ultra-healthy Kamali offered visitors fresh juices instead of coffee at her presentation. Photo: Ashley Sears for Fashion.Style.Beauty.

Upon entering her Fall 2012 collection, attendees were immediately greeted by fresh juices as a way to wake up (the presentation started at 8:30 am.) You can laugh at all that juicing stuff, but it a) kicked me right into gear and b) is no joke. Norma has the body of a 25 year-old girl. Drink up, buttercup.

The room you entered past coatcheck was indicative of her genius once again. Continuing on her theme from her 3D movie presentation of the Spring 2012 collection, there were movies on either side of the room showing the two collections at hand: Norma Kamali OMO and her newest offering, Kamali Kulture, which consists of closet necessities all under $100.

Me interviewing the fabulous Norma Kamali. Photo: Ashley Sears for Fashion.Style.Beauty.

I had a chance to speak with the designing woman herself at the presentation. Here’s a record of my moments with fashion’s favorite dynamo:

FSB:  “So, this collection is amazing! Can we talk about the two separate collections? Let’s start with Kamali Kulture.”

Norma Kamali: “Kamali Kulture is a collection of timeless styles under $100 and they’re available online only, which is the way everybody shops now. You know it, I know it and the rest of the world will be catching up very shortly.  It’s jersey dresses, bathing suits, and suiting. We’re going to follow up with shoes soon as well.”

FSB: “That sounds amazing. Why is Kamali Kulture so near and dear to your heart?”

Norma Kamali: “I wear all these pieces. I didn’t design this collection for other people, I really designed it for me. When I want to go to the bank, I don’t want to look like some fashion airhead. I put on this suit and people think I’m smart. Clothes can do that. I like the idea of go-to jersey dresses that are easy, timeless, investments that don’t cause you to act like a silly fool spending more money on a handbag than you’re not able to afford. The pieces are timeless and so is the collection.”

FSB: “Absolutely. What about Norma Kamali OMO?”

Norma Kamali: “OMO is filled with really special pieces. For instance, if you buy a sequined coat, it’s a very specific statement item that you can wear so many different ways – with jeans and a t-shirt, with a dress, etc. I like the concept of showing these two collections together so you get two different perspectives from the same designer.”

FSB: “I hear you were inspired by the song that’s playing, ‘Big Bag Handsome Man’ by Imelda May.”

Norma Kamali: ‘”That’s absolutely right. Sometimes that’s all we really need in life. Our clothes, ourselves and a big bad handsome man to enjoy it all with.”

Now that you’ve got a little inside scoop, enjoy shots of the collection. Hopefully, both will inspire you to have fun with your life and entice a big, bad handsome man of your own. In Norma Kamali, of course.



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