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Kristin Booker • July 8, 2015

Why I Can’t Be Tied Down (To My Desk)

When I left corporate America years ago, I said that I never wanted to be tied down to a desk ever again. I wanted adventure, I wanted every day to be different.

Hilariously, I got exactly what I wished for. That said, it means that I am now rarely at my desk. My workstation varies daily, but you can usually find me at a Starbucks somewhere in Manhattan, catching up on email and filing stories. It’s why I’ve come to accept my Starbucks name, “Christian.” Most of the time, I just say, “KB” but even that’s come back at “KC,” “KD, and “KP.” Last week, I said “Bob.” I mean, why make it weird?

That said, I am always, ALWAYS looking to make my life a little easier since I have to leave the house with whatever I’m going to use during the day. When I pack my little turtle shell of a backpack (a fashionable turtle shell, I’d like to think,) I have to be able to work as if I were in my home office, minus the free coffee, comfy work clothes/sweatpants, and daytime TV lunch breaks. This is where this little beauty of a device comes into play.


As someone who doesn’t necessarily pass out for the latest gadget (I was “sort of excited” about that new watch everyone keeps talking about,) I’m a hard customer. But when I was at the Microsoft campus in May and they showed us the Surface Pro 3, I honestly fell pretty hard in love with it. This slim little beauty (it only weighs 1.76 lbs.) is the slickest device I have ever played with. A few moments with it, and I was pretty much ready to order it right from the conference room. It is beyond brilliant.

From a work perspective, it runs the full Microsoft Office suite  like a dream. It’s fast, and I can deliver articles in Word, track pitches and invoices in Excel, and pretty much run my life with OneNote. Mine is super, super fast due to a 64GB Intel Core i3 with 1.5GHz and 4 GB of RAM. The kickstand is versatile enough to any surface, including your lap. That’s right: you can set it lower and it will balance on your thighs. Hot, right? It also comes with a stylus that is sharp enough to draw sketches with. It’s not pictured because, well, sometimes I forget things.


It also comes pre-loaded with Windows 8.1 Pro, but the reason I’m all over writing about it now is that Windows 10 is coming. Having seen it in action (and signed all sorts of NDAs so I can’t really talk about it, like a Technology Fight Club of sorts,) I can tell you that it is by far the coolest, iteration of Windows that has ever existed for all time eternal, amen. We’re talking change-your-life, it-will-make-everything-a-lot-easier sort of cool. They’ve already given you a lot of the information via the MS Blog, but I’ve seen some things that aren’t up there…and it’s beyond awesome. When Windows 10 hits on July 29th, you’ll see what I mean, but if you’re going to get a device to run it, my money’s on this sweet, sweet little device right here.

The other thing I like about the Surface Pro 3 is that the screen is high resolution and that it runs Dolby audio. When I just relaunched the site, I created my new media kit to run in Sway, and I presented it to a PR team on my Surface Pro 3. I got the contract. That was awesome. You know what else was awesome? Curling up in bed with a movie with studio-quality sound. That’s a perfect day.


In the end, my Surface Pro 3 does kind of go with me everywhere, and if you’ve got a student (or you are one,) a business person, or a busy mom or dad that needs a device they can work and play hard on, this is my new favorite thing ever.


Now, if I could just get them to ensure the barista gets my name right…

This post was brought to you as part of my partnership with Microsoft as an Office Champion. All opinions expressed within this post are strictly my own.



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