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Kristin Booker • April 7, 2014

Monday Mood Board: Pretty People, Goofy Faces

C’mon, admit it: you know you’re in on the selfie craze. Please, you know if you’re standing in the right place in the right life with the right makeup on, your hand suddenly finds its way to your camera and, well, hello photo app, you’re suddenly poised to strike a pose. I’ve been reading about a lot of articles on how to get the perfect selfie (and I’ve written a couple for some clients,) where models and people who kick it from of the camera for a living are inclined to give you the goods on how to look your best in photos. That’s all well and good, but I’m a bigger fan of photos of the goofy-faced variety.

None of us are afraid to put out a photo out there where everything looks perfect, like we’ve stolen Barbra Streisand’s lighting crew (and what a steal that would be, to have soft lighting wherever you go,) but how many would put a photo out there with a dumb face on?

The photo at the top is a shot of Angelina Jolie from the January 2012 Marie Claire where she grabbed the camera, the tripod and a mirror when no one was looking and proceeded to just go to town with some hilarious faces. I think it makes her look even prettier. A sense of humor, in my book, is sexy.

This series of photos is on the inspiration board above my desk right now. Someday, I’ll show you what’s up there, but like the site, my office is also currently under construction.

This week’s mood board is all about really pretty people making some hilarious faces. Inspired to do your own? Grab your Instagram and go to town. Add a filter (and maybe a little concealer and mascara,) but let’s get it done. It’s time to show off your goofy side.



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