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Kristin Booker • July 23, 2012

Monday Morning Music Icon: Liz Phair

As a gal of the 90’s, I have a definite sweet spot for the amazing rocker chicks who came to prominence at that time. One of my beloved stars of that era (and many thereafter) is Liz Phair. If you aren’t familiar with Exile in Guyville, become intimately acquainted with that album, like, right this minute. No, go ahead, I’ll wait for you to understand why many hipster chicks to this day owe a debt of gratitude to one of rock music’s greatest female voices – and one of the best albums of the alternative rock generation.

This photo above of Liz has always struck me as rather fab – the grunge mixture of someone’s uptown sequined look being brought to earth by the reality of that simple cotton tank. Add to that her signature tousled bedhead and signature black eyeliner and lashes, and you’ve got a look that was hot then and is even hotter now. Here’s how to steal Liz’ iconic look for your next bad girls night out:


And feel free to rock out to one of her best songs from her 2003 self-titled album, because we are all “Extraordinary.”


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