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Kristin Booker • July 13, 2015

Monday Motivation Mix: K is for Kings of 80’s Summer

I have two motivations for this week’s mix. One is, well, it’s summer. Summer is about better weather, hanging out near a body of water, and remaining idle until further notice. It’s also about the lightness of it all. Go on vacation, get lost, find yourself, eat some ice cream, make some memories. Most of my memories are wrapped around the fingers of some handsome men from the 80’s who stole my heart every single time the radio came on. We’re all older now, but these are still my boys of summer. They remind me of who I am.

The second motivation is that I have some swimsuit wearing to do over these next few weeks, which means I have to step it up a little in the cardio department. I’m not necessarily thinking that four extra hours a week will help me get into a suit. Nope, that ship has sailed. What I’m hoping is that I can bank up enough activity so I can sit on my backside at the beach or curl up on a blanket with a book with no regrets.

80’s fans and friends, the kings of summer are back. Long may they reign.



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