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Kristin Booker • June 9, 2014

Monday Motivation Mix: Every Day’s Your Birthday

OK, so that’s easy for me to say because today actually IS my birthday, and believe me, even though I’m laid up a bit with a bandaged foot, that doesn’t mean that I’m not taking the time to get my dance party groove on today.

Especially since it’s raining. OY, the rain today in New York. That just means I’m more determined to have a good day.

So, in honor of today’s birthday celebrations, I made TWO Monday Motivation Mixes to share with you today.

Once is all disco, a bunch of music I loved when I was little. The other is a bunch of my all-time favorite dance tunes.

Load ’em up and enjoy your workouts and commutes this week. Celebrate like every day is your birthday. Well, at least look at this way: every day is a gift. Treat it that way. Enjoy some fun…and maybe some cake. Even though I turn 43 today, the 5 year-old me wants you to have some fun. So, you know, enjoy!

I mean, the BOW, people.

I mean, the BOW, people.



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