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Kristin Booker • January 6, 2014

Monday Motivation Mix: Get Up, Get Moving

My three New Year's Resolutions, beautifully stated by SoulCycle.

My three New Year’s Resolutions, beautifully stated by SoulCycle.

Winter is hard, especially right after the holidays. Starting a new full-time gig right before the holidays made things even more challenging, which, when you add in shorter days, a ton of stress and hibernation-friendly weather, I’ve been reintroduced to an old friend: malaise.

It’s so easy to want to tuck in and hibernate when the weather outside is frightful. My comforter and a soft, heating unit bear rug of a human being sleeping next to me has made getting out of bed really hard, especially when there’s a workout to be done. Let’s face it, ladies: if you think putting yourself back together after a workout during regular weather isn’t that enticing, just add the prospect of getting A Christmas Story snowsuit bundled more than once a day. It’s enough to make you walk to the window and turn right around to call in scared, as in, “I’m afraid that’s just not going to happen today.”

The issue is that there is no more crucial time than right now to keep moving. As someone who suffers from Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (or “the winter blues,”) I HAVE to work out now. Making it a mission to move around keeps the blood moving in my brain, which means I don’t slide into despair. There, I said it: sometimes I have issues with depression, especially that of a seasonal variety. Many of us do. There’s no shame involved, and we can all help each other tremendously if we help each other to motivate. I understand, I really do.

In addition to little rewards for working out like post-workout blowouts at Drybar once a week or a manicure/pedicure at my beloved Tenoverten here in New York, there’s nothing that can keep me moving like a new playlist.  So, I crafted a retro mix of – get ready for it – disco and dance music that always makes me smile. Enjoy, stay motivated and keep moving. It’s a little longer than the others, but I think we might need a bit more dancing than normal right now.

There’s something better on the other side, I promise. Get up, get moving!


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