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Kristin Booker • July 20, 2015

Monday Motivation Mix: L is for Live (A Double Album Set)

Summer brings to mind two things from a musical perspective: road trip soundtracks and live music. As I write this from deep in Long Island for the week (photos to come,) I decided to create playlists for both. A double album, if you will.

The first motivation mix for this week is a mixture of some cool, newer tunes that are amazing for the car rides out here. My boyfriend and I have our friend’s Audi (DROOL,) and it’s served as a magical soundtrack for both early AM run/training sessions (I’ve decided to try jogging again while I’m out here for the week since there aren’t a lot of gyms nearby.)

One of the new songs I’m obsessed with on this mix is Jamie N Commons’ “Rumble n Sway.” So hot.


The second motivation mix is a mash-up of all live soundtrack cuts from some of the greatest concerts ever. I’ve seen a good number of these acts, and there’s nothing that can get endorphins pumping more than some good rock and R&B with the crowd screaming in the background. We’re driving a couple of hours over to the Hamptons here in a day or so, and I can’t wait to hit the highway with these live soundtracks on, like The Police’s “Synchronicity II.”

Live it up this summer! Fall will be here before you know it, so have some fun while the good weather lasts!


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