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Kristin Booker • March 24, 2014

Monday Motivation Mix: Reality Bites Back

Honestly, I needed a serious ass-whipping workout mix to motivate me this week, and motivated by the fact that the 90’s are all over the place (those plaid shirts, overalls and Clubmaster sunglasses aren’t “new,” people,) I’ve been inspired to revisit one of my personal favorite eras: the 90’s. An era when Johnny Depp was king, Winona Ryder was queen and everything was a bit grunge-y.

So, for those of you who need a little throwback, this will warm your heart, and for those of you who don’t know anything about grunge and 90’s alt-rock, prepare to grab a desk because it’s time to go to school.  I feel this might be my finest work, peeps: Nirvana, Hole, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are here with some forgotten favorites, like Juliana Hatfield Three, The Lemonheads, L7, Matthew Sweet and Liz Phair. Oh, and the Brits are also represented: Oasis, Blur and Elastica make an appearance. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. This mix is kind of long (2 hrs, 38 minutes) but if you just want to kick some tunes on and forget about the world, this is your mix.

Grab a flannel and don those overalls, kids: the 90’s are back and it’s time to rock out. Because, let’s face it: sometimes, reality bites.


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