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Kristin Booker • December 8, 2014

Monday Motivation Mix: Respect The Hustle

The holidays represent a time where I sometimes wish I could clone myself. My brain looks at the calendar and says, “Vacation! Let’s go now!” My calendar says, “Vacation! How will I get everything done?”

The issue is that when the brain goes on vacation but the calendar doubles in size, there are some clear signs of trouble. This is when it’s time to lock down, tuck in and go for the finish line.

There’s no time for napping when I have 20 deadlines, a blog, four clients and Christmahanukwanzaa holiday gifts to lock down. Nope: I have three weeks until all that holiday shopping comes to fruition where I can get swamp ass in my pajamas for at least two days and curl up with my mother and our annual holiday tradition of seven-layer cookies and James Bond films.

This week’s mix is a note from me to you that you can do it, and that you should give yourself credit for suiting and showing up. From Gwen Stefani (who is arguably the best workout motivation EVER, just LOOK at her) to The Rolling Stones to Iggy Azalea, Theophilus London, Meghan Trainor and Prince + The New Power Generation, it’s filled with some of my favorite current and past favorites to make sure we can all get up and stay up until it’s time to go face-first.

Only a couple of weeks-ish to go! Let’s do it!


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