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Kristin Booker • September 29, 2014

Monday Motivation Mix: Saved From Obscurity

A couple of weekends ago, Lucky Guy and I headed to outermost Queens (and I mean the far reaches of the borough, like, hella far) to see The Replacements. This is quite possibly my boyfriend’s favorite band and I was absolutely game to go. I love Paul Westerberg and I’d never seen them play, so I was really excited to check it out.

They were amazing. Better than ever. Mind blowing, in fact.

But what was even more mind expanding was the crowd. As we sat at Forest Hills Stadium, I looked around and saw that Generation X had seemingly showed up in droves to support one of our standards. I was surrounded by dudes in flannels and women with small cross body bags and liberty print dresses. Suddenly, it was the 90’s again and we seemed to gather around each other with such affection. We all knew the songs. We might have had a touch of grey here and there, but our hearts were young. We belted “Alex Chilton” with an almost feral cry. We all seemed to look at each other with such tender affection. Two decades ago, we might have shared a beer and a blanket at Lollapalooza. Let’s hang onto this moment before they try sweeping us off to oblivion again.

I’ve never been too fond of the snobbiness we have in our country for things that age. We’re a very “disposable” culture and even though younger generations are enjoying 90’s music and fashion, the people who enjoyed it the first time are considered shockingly irrelevant. I don’t like feeling that if I can’t get my arms around butt selfies and highly synthetic house music that I’m no longer supposed to show my face in public. Let’s not be so quick to throw Winona Ryder out with the bathwater: the Slacker Generation still has a lot to offer, thank you very much.

This basically means I came home and started playing with my music collection, working to gather a collection of songs that I loved but had essentially discarded when something new came along. The result is this week’s motivation mix, a little time capsule of hits from Blur, Barenaked Ladies, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple, The Posies, Savage Garden, Stereo MCs and a few other surprises.

Because we are not lost, but we must act as custodians of our beloved culture. Join hands, Gen Xers and those who can recite every line from Singles. Enjoy this little blast from our not-so-far-away past. Because sometimes, reality bites.


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