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Kristin Booker • May 23, 2011

Monday Music Style Icon: Dressing In The Style of Stevie Nicks

Photo: Kimberley Williamson


Anyone who knows me is aware of my lifelong love for Stevie Nicks. I have every album, I have seen her live at least four times, I will follow that woman to the ends of the Earth and back if she even deems it ok to look in my presence. As someone whose style has been greatly influenced by my rock and roll icons, I thought I could do her no better justice that to start the Monday Music Style Icon series paying homage to one of my rock and roll heroes.

The purpose of this series is to have a little bit of fun with your clothes and to try looks that you wouldn’t have tried before. That being said, I didn’t try for an absolutely literal interpretation of Stevie’s style, more something that I would wear out during the warmer months inspired by her iconic “white witch” look. Here’s a breakdown of the very simple, easy-to-recreate look I’ve created:

  • Hat: Stevie has been known to rock a top hat with multiple feathered plumes on it. While I will be wearing something similar for my birthday party, on a daily basis you can catch me wearing this Christys Crown Series Stingy Brim Fedora.
  • Tank Top: This is a basic Ribbed Tank from Gap.
  • Skirt: Stevie has a thing for long black skirts. I thought I would make it a bit more summer-friendly with a Forever 21 Tiered Maxi Skirt. You can throw a t-shirt and flip flops with this and make a perfectly easy look for running about in the warmer months.
  • Boots: Nine West (no longer available) but if you have a pair of black ankle boots, just add shoe jewelry to change your look. Bob Kitchner has a great Etsy storefront with amazing boot accessories. Check out his storefront here.
  • Floral necklace: Juicy Couture (no longer available) but they have amazing items you’ll want to discover for summer. Head to your local Juicy Couture accessories counter.
  • Long beaded chain: I honestly found this in a Macy’s bargain bin a year ago for $3. I have no idea who made it but if you find a beaded belt at TJ Maxx and soften it, you can get the same look.

The one thing I am missing is a shawl or something cover my arms. I’d suggest something along the lines of this Alex Evenings Hanky Draped Shawl for a quick fix. I have Mom’s vintage one here and use it often.

Please do enjoy some vintage Stevie on this Monday morning. Hope this inspires you to return to some of your favorite style influences and borrow a page or two from their iconic looks. Have fun with fashion! That’s what it’s all about.


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