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Kristin Booker • April 15, 2011

Morning Music Video Moment: Why Everything Will Be Just Fine, Just Like Mary J Blige Says It Will

So, here I am this morning stressing. I’ve got a gazillion things on my plate, things are late, people aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do and – well, you’ve all had mornings like that. Days where you wake up happy from sleeping and the minute you become conscious, your to-do list races through your head and you’re actually frustrated that you can’t just go back to sleep, pull the covers over your head and tell the world to suck it.

A dear friend of mine, Patrice from Afrobella, happened to chat me in the midst of me writing out this Dead Sea Scroll-length to-do list this morning and I don’t think I was very pleasant. Not mean or cross, mind you, just sort of wrapped up in all these crazy things I have to do this morning. I unleashed this list of things that might not exactly be right at this moment and why it’s giving me the Not So Great Morning Face.

She sent me a link to this video. Mary J. Blige, one of my favorite artists was telling me to change my vibe, love what I see when I’m walking past the mirror and that she wouldn’t change her life – that life was just fine.

Indeed, when you put it into perspective, it will indeed all be just fine. I have a whole day to get as many of these things done as possible but at the end of the day, I did my best. I am beautiful, I am human and – quite honestly – life will indeed be just fine.

Thought I would share this moment with you in hopes that if anyone else is freaking out over taxes or anything else (including our slightly crazy weather right now) please know that we will all indeed be just fine. Love yourself and remember to breathe. We’ll all get through this.

Have a great day!


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  1. All that and a trip to Brazil… Mary J would definitely approve

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