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Kristin Booker • June 20, 2011

Morning Post-It Pep Talk: Some Great Advice from Diane Von Furstenberg


When it comes to legendary women, there are a handful of amazing “dames” who live on the planet. Women with extraordinary guts, glory and a glowing sense of self. I find Diane Von Furstenberg to be one of those women, a designing force that exudes the same strength and sex appeal as her iconic designs.

This quote rings true for many of us because sometimes the hardest task is to enjoy your own company. It goes beyond liking yourself. It means the ability to shut out all other distractions and just BE THERE with yourself. We have a gazillion ways to avoid hanging out with ourselves: shopping, online shopping, television, music, whatever. We can escape ourselves by gossiping, drinking too much, eating too much (or too little,) remaining in bad relationships, etc.

Get to know and LOVE that woman staring back at you in the mirror. She’s worthy of your love and attention, not just your scrutiny. Because the most amazing company you should keep is your own. You came into the world a beautiful, complete package. Marvel in that daily.


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