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Kristin Booker • January 1, 2015

New Year’s Motivation Mix: Everything Old Is New Again

This morning, when I woke up, the sun was streaming across the windows in my apartment, and I thought about how amazing it is to be given a clean slate for a whole brand new year.

No matter what I did last year, this is an new opportunity for a fresh start. I’m hangover-free and ready to find my way through 365 chances for change, inspired moments of action and, when the time calls for it, moments of silent magic.

That’s not to say that I can just close the door on everything that happened before midnight last night. The changes that will need to come means I have to bring the lessons of the past with me. Any pain, angst or tragedies can’t be undone, but I’ve learned that pain behind me somehow always means the promise of a new beginning.

For some like myself, New Year’s Day represents a better way of doing. For others, it might be a call to start. Still others, it might be a message to cease. Whatever the case may be, we know better now; let us charge forward accordingly.

I don’t know why today made me turn to some of my favorite songs of the 80’s for this playlist Quite possibly, it’s because each of these songs brings a huge smile to my face and a wave of emotion to my heart, reminding me that the best is yet to come.

Maybe it’s because the girl I once was is still within my heart, urging me to charge forth to my destiny. She’s the one that cried out for me to leave corporate America all those years ago and create my own path. This is her soundtrack, and I hope this is the year she gets exactly what she wants.

From The Police to The Outfield, from Billy Idol to Naked Eyes, from Simple Minds to Duran Duran and their offspring The Power Station and Arcadia, here are some of my favorites that keep me going at all times. For today is a new day, and everything old is sparkling. Hopefully, every day (or at least most days, let’s not get crazy) I can shine forth and fulfill my passion’s promise.


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