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Kristin Booker • August 16, 2011

Music Style Icon: Happy Birthday To Madonna!

When it comes to naming fashion influencers from the music industry, a list of names immediately springs to mind but there can be no denying the influence of one pop star who came to fame in the 1980’s and who continues to have an almost cult-like following of fans that await her every move. Yes, I’m talking about the Material Girl, Madonna, who turns 53 today.

As someone who is admittedly old enough to have watched Madonna’s entire career from start to finish and one of her fans that does indeed own every album she’s ever released except one (I admit it – Like A Prayer was and never will be one of my favorites,) I join the fans that can recite every incarnation of Madonna’s style up to current day. Like her, don’t like her – you have to admit that the woman has made an indelible mark on style because even when she’s onto the next thing, we’ll still go back and visit her old looks. She’s generated a creative catalog that music fans, fashion lovers and style mavens can all understand.

Normally, I would choose one look and generate clothes around her style but this is one artist that has a “look” catalog that’s even too big for me to translate (and the post would be so long you wouldn’t want to read it.) So, I’d rather you sit back, relax and enjoy a few of her old school videos so you can gain some inspiration for yourself. Here’s a trip through the many early style incarnations of that ultimate chameleon who blazed the trail. Happy Birthday, Madonna! Which Madonna look is your favorite? Dish!


2 Responses to Music Style Icon: Happy Birthday To Madonna!

  1. Susan says:

    In honor of the Material Girl, I am wearing Hard Candy sparkling pink lip gloss in Gorgeous! Happy Birthday, Madonna!

  2. lindsay says:

    great article! with the exception of maybe michael jackson, no artist in HISTORY has had the impact of madonna-she is a true trailblazer and by far the most influential and iconic female pop star of this generation (or all time, for that matter) her iconic 80’s look would probably have to be my favorite- she had the whole world dressing like her with messy, bleached blonde hair, bustiers, fingerless lace gloves, stacks of jelly bracelets and crucifix necklaces. she had a unique, daring, sexy, trashy style that was all her own. i love the 90’s madonna also-she really pushed the envelope and went to the extreme in that decade, with her “sex” book and videos like “justify my love”. anyways, here we are 30+ years after she first came out and madonna is still doing her thing and competing with the younger generation (all of which are inpired by her) i have nothing but respect for an artist who has always done what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it and never apologized because it offended or upset someone, has been a fashion and beauty icon and trendsetter and has given the world great music (and a few good movies)for over 30 years and is STILL on top! my hat’s off to you madonna-there are very few artists that have done what youv’e done! here’s to another 30 years!

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