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Kristin Booker • June 25, 2014

My Daily Obsession: Band of Outsiders Starbucks Ceramic Traveler

I have but a few guilty pleasures in this life: I love bubble baths, I still enjoy the thrill of taking in a mid-afternoon movie in the middle of the week, and I love coffee. Damn, I love coffee. As a freelancer, Starbucks is kind of like a second rent payment. Sadly, I can’t take a bubble bath at Starbucks, even though I’m there frequently enough to receive mail and at least receive some kind of reward. They put your name on a bar stool in some places so, you know, where’s my name plate on my window seat, coffee people?

I’m also a huge fan of using traveler mugs. I’m not that big on paper cups when I can avoid it, so the thought of a fashionable traveler in sweet ceramic has me at “venti soy latte.” When I spotted this genius mug in the hand of a very stylish gal at my favorite location (the people at the West Broadway Starbucks in Soho know my NAME, y’all,) I had to know where she got it. Online, and it’s still in stock. At least for now, before I buy three of them.

Photo courtesy of Band of Outsiders.

Photo courtesy of Band of Outsiders.

Let’s add to this that Band of Outsiders is the design partner for this mug. Love the brand, love the designs, so the only question is how fast I can get my hands on this little slice of coffee-holding heaven?

And look, it’s gorgeous and rainbow-y, just in time for the Pride parade here in the city. Since I screwed up my foot, I’ll be watching from the sidelines, enjoying my coffee and showing my support that day (and pretty much every day – this site is friendly to ALL) with this gorgeous mug.

Starbucks x Band of Outsiders Double Wall Ceramic Rainbow Traveler, $14.95,


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