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Kristin Booker • June 22, 2012

My Fashion Revolution: Do I Really Wear Short Shorts?

As a kid I used to love this commercial. I had no idea what Nair was at the time (magical depillatory that it is). I asked my mom for Nair so I could look cute in my short shorts. She just rolled her eyes at this at-the-time hairless beauty addict. I also didn’t have cellulite or body fat at the time.

But as I grew up and developed those things, however, let’s just say my attitude toward shorts turned less than favorable. Actually, it’s been more like terror for years. I have regarded trying on shorts  with the same stomach-dropping wariness that you reserve for that moment in a horror movie where the victim is about to see something terrifying.  That “Oh my God, what are you doing? HE’S IN THE CLOSET WITH AN AX” kind of moment.

And yet, yesterday I had a literal meltdown. New York reached almost 101 degrees and I came to the realization that I cannot spend another summer in jeans and the like hiding. I’ve not purchased a pair of shorts in at least five years. But yesterday was the day and I strolled into Uniqlo here in NYC to try on my clothing nemesis.

The winner and reigning champion of flattering short shorts – Uniqlo Women’s Color Micro Shorts

After discovering that there are certain shorts that I can’t wear (cuffed versions do my curvy thighs no favors,) I suddenly found myself in a pair of Women’s Color Micro Shorts – insanely figure-flattering and in a wide variety of colors (also: four sizes smaller than my last attempt.) I stepped away from the mirror and regarded my reflection. All those days spent crying against the barre in Core Fusion worked. There was cellulite, but also light showing between my thighs.

We have a winner. Photos coming shortly because while I feel amazing about my new body in these great shorts, I’m still vain enough to want a photo of myself in them in good lighting. Dressing room lights are NOT your friend.

I’ll post photos as soon as the shorts are delivered! Viva la short shorts!



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