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Kristin Booker • December 23, 2013

My Holiday Wishes For You

Hi from the Charlotte Airport.

Hi from the Charlotte Airport.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m sitting in the Charlotte airport, waiting for my connecting flight to take me home to see family. Rather than hit you this year with a ton of gift guides, I thought I would instead give you some holiday wishes.

We’re all really tired this time of year. Last week, I started a full-time position while I’m still trying to work on this site, which is not the brightest idea right before you leave to go home for the holidays. If I was tired before, I’m on a whole new level of tired now. I’m sure many of you can relate.

What I hope all of us will do is be where we are for these next few days. Everything will be a little quieter and a bit more reflective. Perhaps we’ll have snow, but what many of us will have is a chance to be present in wherever we are, to envelop ourselves in the moments that make the holiday what it is. For those of us who are lucky enough to spend that time with people who love us, I hope we immerse ourselves in the good and extricate ourselves from the bad, but we remain focused and present where we are. Years from now, Instagram and Twitter won’t necessarily help us be in the room with the people who may not be in the room next year. For good or bad, let’s mark these moments by putting down our collective devices and really be there.

I hope that we all find moments of peace and quiet. I hope we all take too many naps, eat a few cookies and get a good walk in, preferably with someone whose face we’ve missed. I plan on hugging my grandmother a little too hard, listening to my mother talk about her new job until she falls asleep and taking way too many photos of our Christmas tree. I want to see cousins I haven’t seen in years, I want to shop until I drop at all our local malls (a GOLD MINE for good items if you know where to look) and finally getting my hands on buttered popcorn at the movies. I want to see friends, I want to play around in old photos, and then I want to return to Manhattan a little more rested and a touch more peaceful.

I wish all of us love. I wish all of us moments that will make us smile. I wish all of us the sense to record these moments while they’re happening and then post the photos later. Because the photo apps and social media can wait. Let’s enjoy the people who love us while they’re right there.

Happy Holidays, y’all.


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