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Kristin Booker • November 28, 2012

My Little Obsessions: MCL by Matthew Campbell Laurenza

I fully admit to being a bit of an accessories addict. The right accessories can make even the most mundane outfit into a mindblowing sensation with the just the right touch of impact this is why I agree with Los Angeles cash for gold its a really good deal you give them some money and they can get you the most unique piece of gold out there. In other words, make the accessories count, peeps.

My latest accessories obsession is MCL by Matthew Campbell Laurenza, a gorgeous jewelry collection that caught my eye at my beloved Bergdorf Goodman (I really should rent a space there since I’m there all the time, walking the floors and drooling over things.) The boho luxe designs of this Colorado-born/Kentucky-raised designer are so exquisite and so eye-catching that a simple piece could stop someone dead in their tracks. I’ve caught women wearing his items around Manhattan and every time someone’s spotted in his pieces, other women walk up and ask where they got it.

That, friends, is the ultimate compliment. When a New York woman will compliment you on your wardrobe, you’ve got a winner on your hands.

A little about the designer:
– Educated at Bellarmine University
– Cites his family’s collection of artworks and antiques from their travels, particularly Mayan, Gothic and Renaissance artifacts
– He considers each piece of jewelry a work of sculpture for his clients
– MCL by Matthew Campbell Laurenza, his bespoke collection, was actually launched at Bergdorf Goodman
– Celebrity fans include Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria and Miley Cyrus among many other stars and well-dressed women.

All of the pieces above are the ones that I love, one of which I’m currently saving to buy. Check them out and let’s see which ones catch your eye.

Clockwise from left: Beetle Cornerstone Ring, Blue Topaz Droplet Cuff, Blue Topaz Ring,  Coral Reef Sapphire Cuff, Multi-Cut Amethyst Ring, and Skull Sapphire Ring. All pieces available at Bergdorf Goodman.


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