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Kristin Booker • July 8, 2015

My New Manifesto

Right before we shot these photos, I told Jeff Smith (a.k.a. “Giafrese“) that these were part of the relaunch of the site. What I didn’t impart directly was that they’re part of a relaunch of…well, me.

Anyone can get into a rut. I’m no stranger to this type of life stagnation, that feeling that you’re just sort of phoning it in or doing what others do because you’re hoping to emulate their success. It’s why magazines are popular, it’s why style blogs are so influential right now: we’re all sort of looking to capture a bit of that mojo, that joie de vivre, that feeling that “If you had what I have, you’d be happy, too.”

I actually shut the site down because of it.


It’s very easy to fall asleep at the wheel of your life, to let others do the driving for you. We buy clothes that are on trend, we create entire inspiration boards filled with fragments of other people’s lives in hopes that we can Pinterest our way into our dream existence. We hand over the wheel of our lives, then hand over our wallets and tell invisible forces to take what they think is fair so we can just be happy and walk through life without garnering the ire of people who disapprove of how we’d REALLY like to do things.

I tried that for a while. It didn’t work for me. It’s time for something different.


This is my New Manifesto:

I belong to myself above all. There is no one more important than me. All good things come from protecting my own best interests.


I will follow my gut instinct on what is best for me. I didn’t get to be this old to let anyone else dictate my choices. I will carve my own path.



I deserve to be happy. Happiness means wanting what I already have. Anything new I bring into my existence must thrill me to my soul and play nice with what I already possess. There is no joy in just having “stuff.” It’s not a contest. The one who dies with the most toys doesn’t win anything but a bigger burial plot.


I believe in my own power to change my life. I’ve proven I can do it. If necessary, I can do it again.


I dress for myself. Anyone else’s opinions of what I look like are none of my business.


I love the body I am in, regardless of its size or weight. I’m blessed to have health. If the jeans don’t fit, I will take action. Action does not mean a diet; it means I’ll just buy a bigger pair of jeans.



I’d like to say “Hello, world” from the bottom of my rock and roll soul. I’m running my own show now. Some things are definitely going to change around here.

I feel better already.

What’s your manifesto? Make one, then own it. You can change anything you want about your life. Just make a decision, and go for it.

If you like what I’m wearing and it speaks to you, here’s the info (and all these clothes are my own, btw:) Zadig et Voltaire Gipsy Lin Tank/Old Navy Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans/Vintage shoes (thanks, Mom!)/Sophie Hulme Nano Envelope handbag

All photos in this post: Giafrese 


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  1. Lachlan says:

    Wonderful! Authentic-living is the best way to journey through life and you’ve expressed this so well in your new manifesto 🙂 Thanks and looking forward to more posts!

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